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Give Helen Radkey full access to their genealogical data base

The Mormon church has on several occasions promised to stop posthumous baptizing holocaust victims in their temples. The Mormon church has not kept their word and has been caught on multiple occasions performing "baptism for the dead" when the promised they would no longer do so.

Helen Radkey is the researcher who has reviewed the genealogy data base and ordinance records indicating such baptism as performed by the Mormon church. She has been blocked by the Mormon church from accessing their data base. She is the key investigator who has exposed the Mormon church baptizing such people as Anne Frank, Simon Wiesenthal's parents, Multiple holocaust victims, Mary Magdalene, Mary mother of Jesus etc.

Helen Radkey needs to be given full access to the database and the Mormon church needs to have full transparency so the world can see they finally will be keeping their word.

Please sign this petition so we can show the Mormon Church that we expect them to keep their word by them giving full access to Helen Radkey

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