Save Binchester Roman Fort


Binchester Roman Fort, and the land surrounding it, has been put up for sale by the Church Commissioners. A scheduled ancient monument, and one of the most significant Roman sites in Britain, it straddles two of ten plots of land listed for sale. One lot includes Binchester Hall, which has planning permission for conversion and development. The second lot is associated with neighbouring farmland. Splitting the site between two owners opens the risk for surrounding development, diminished or no public access, and the end of any future research programme. One owner of both lots would keep future access and research open to all. 


Auckland Castle Trust, established to protect neighbouring Auckland Castle ensuring public access and promoting the heritage of Bishop Auckland and the North East, have lodged a £2million bid for both lots, saving this internationally important site for future generations. Working with Durham University, Durham County Council, and English Heritage, we would ensure long term research, improvement of the site, and public access. Please support our efforts by signing this petition, and letting the Church Commissioners know the strength of public support to save the site. 


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