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To make live turtle and kingfish key rings illegal.

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First of all, let me introduce myself,
My name is juliette, i am 11 nearly 12 years old. I love animals and find this topic absolutely horrific. Why..... Why would a human being do this. Put live Turtles and fish in little plastic baggys for plainly wanting an accessory?? Chinese vendors sell them on streets and train stations for 5 RMBs per keychain. First of all, they are alive, they have feelings, they feel pain and have the ability think just like we do. So why should they have to slowly suffocate in a keychain? Its not fair....... They only have a few hours of oxogen in the bags before the die, and to let you know, they are only 7 centimetres long. 7, you read it right. Then its over. I even read that once the die, the creatures are not wasted because they are heated up and eaten????? Who could do this? The animal cruelty laws in China are terrible. They think it is OK to do this. Think how many tiny lives have been lost because of peoples greed and needing for money, they have to go to the extremes of killing alive creatures.
You can help change Chinas animal cruelty law and stop this suffering..... If you sign this petition....... if lots of people sign it , then hopefully i can take it to the RSPCA or maybe the blue cross, who might make the subject bigger and get the public and government to notice what cruelty is happening halfway round the world. Just signing it will help.
thank you

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