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Petitioning The President of the Chinese Government Hu Jintao and 1 other

The Chinese Government: Stop Bear Bile Farms and make this kind of torture illeagal

Moon bears, sun bears and brown bears are being tortured. The bears are kept in small cages in which they can barely move for their bile. Bile is a liquid that the bear's liver produces that helps the bear to digest fat in the diet. Their bile is removed by sticking a tube into their gall blader and then they squeeze the tube twice a day. The bile is used for traditional Chinese medicine, but they can use herbal alternatives instead of bile. Also, studies show that bear bile is actaully very UNHEALTHY. These bears are tortuded so badly that they commit suicide. Bears commiting suicide. BEARS COMMITING SUICIDE! In one case, a mother bear escaped, killed her cub and then intionally ran into a wall and killed herself. Please, PLEASE, sign this petition to stop these horrible places.
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Letter to
The President of the Chinese Government Hu Jintao
Animals Asia Foundation
Stop Bear Bile Farms and make this kind of torture illeagal.These bears are sitting cages waiting for death to come to them. They are suffering and this kind of treatment is unhuman, morally wrong, and cruel. If you don't do something about this now these bear are going to die, and then it will be to late.