Save the century old Kollidam Steel Bridge!!

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The Steel girder bridge on stone piers on the Coleroon (Kollidam) River, Thiruchirappalli is an important part of a "Modern heritage" built by the British 90 yrs ago. The bridge connected the Srirangam island with the mainland on the north. The bridge is 792 meter long and rests on 24 stone piers.The steel from the " Braithwaite & Company Engineers Limited " was shipped and erected at site in the year 1928. This steel bridge is one of the historical landmarks of Trichy and has attracted the public and tourists for its engineering ingenuity. The construction started in 1924 and was concluded in 1928.
The bridge was in use till 2014. The next two years, it was used by pedestrians and two wheelers till 2016. It has been in a state of neglect and disuse since then . On the 19th of August 2018 the 18th pier gave way and plunged into the river that was flowing full and the adjoining 19th pier gave way soon too. The reason for the same was there wasn't any maintenance on this bridge and the area around the pier was not looked after nor the activities close to it curtailed.

It is now in the newspapers that the bridge is to be broken down.

We, at IIA-Trichy Centre, would strongly insist that the remaining part of the bridge should be protected, preserved and projected as a part of "modern heritage" of Thiruchirappalli for the future generations. 

Continuity in history is very important for mankind and care should be taken to preserve important monuments of different era for the good of the future generations. The heritage value of the bridge is well established and after assessing the structural conditions the same can be preserved as a monument or put into an adaptive reuse.

Such monuments when preserved well not only improve the tourism value of the city but also serve as a proof of history & in the chronological growth of a city, for future generations to understand and relish upon.

Save & Preserve the Bridge!!