Don't destroy our land! STOP Kaiduan-Papar dam!

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To the Chief Minister of Sabah:

The new government of Sabah, Malaysia is continuing on the proposal from the previous government of making a mega dam which was supposed to be built at the upper side of the Papar river. But recently, the minister announced that the new location will take place at Kg. Bisuang/Kaiduan, Papar which is my hometown and it is just near to the Kinarut town and other villages. We are against on the making of the mega dam! It may helps other people in the future but it causes major problem and a never ending nightmare to us. Even the government urges a compensation, it will not be the same as what we have now. That is totally not affair to us. There are plenty of strategic places to study.  The government should not stick to the agreements made by the villagers before this because during that time they were convinced that their lands would not being affected. But now, it's a different cases because it's regarding our land. Kg. Bisuang/Kaiduan is a beautiful and peacefull place. Our great great grandparents were born here as well as us and the land is ours. We inherit what they left behind. If the government continues with the proposal of making the mega dam, it will caused total damages and sinking the natural beauty of our land structures, the natures, our homes, our paddy fields, our hopes, our animals, our plantations and of course the graveyard that keeping the bodies of our late family or loved one. Please stop the KAIDUAN-PAPAR DAM!! Don't steal our property! The land is for our next generation, they are our main objective on this petition. So, I beg all of you out there to help and support us, please make us victory!  God bless. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity. 

#please do not criticize my grammar. As long as you can understand what I am trying to talk about then it's okay...thank you!