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We, The students of University Of Calicut 4th semester 2018-21 batch, The announcement of the 4th semester exam that will happen in November 11 th. We are asking you to abort the exam because of the pandemic situation caused by COVID 19. Even though the government said you can partially open everything, you should understand the situation of our state and our country.

When the pandemic happened during March, the major advice was to flatten the curve. Here the curve means the number of people affected day by day and it created a big curve. Most of the countries removed their lockdown period because they have flattened the curve. It’s like there are less than 20 cases per week in other countries. But in India, it’s quite the opposite. It’s getting higher and higher each day. And we are at the top of the affected countries.
Let’s talk about our state, till September 7000 per day the cases were more than 8000. Now we have exceeded to more than 10000 cases per day.

The conditions of the students is what way worser than anyone else. Some of the areas are red zoned. The transport facilities of the students are difficult. Even the Paying Guest students can’t move back to the place they were living because the owners might not let them live there.

1.Some Of The College Hostels and Colleges are Covid Quarantine Centre

2.In Some Places There Is No Transportation

3.Most Of College Under Calicut District The Covid Spreading Of These District Is High in numbers

4.The Students More Than 2Lakh In 4th semester This Will Cause Major Rise In Covid Cases

5.This Mainly Will Make A Problem In Kerala The Increasing Of Covid Causes May Be By Our Examination

6.Calicut University Is Doing Cruelty to the Students.This Will Make Our State In Big Tragedy

The Students Of Calicut University Is Under Great Pressure They Are So Much Worried about Corona Virus

They are Also Have Huge Amount Of Burden By The Pending Semester Exams

They are Also Worried About The Upcoming Exams Like 5th Semester And 6th Semester 

Some Of Portions 4th Semester Is Not Completed

So Please Cancel The Exams

We The Students Begging to The Respected Authorities 

So, we are kindly requesting you to abort our 4th semester exam