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The Semester System has been introduced in Gujarat since last 8 years. But it has proved to be a catastrophe on the entire higher education system. No lectures, less than 100 academic days, delay in exams, lot of anarchy in exams and results, college campuses have become grave-like, the syllabuses have been diluted, no scope for co-curricular activities. All the sections-students, teachers, principals, education loving people are opposing the system. But the state government is just keen to get crores of rupees grant and not worried about the future of the students and education system in the state. Now it has formed a review committee to re-think over the semester system. But that too comprise no educationist, no professors, leave aside students and parents. Just their faithful VCs have been given task to give report in favour of the government and anyhow divert the anguish of the people. 

We demand to scrap Semester immediately.