Rehabilitation for Amchang Eviction Victims

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The eviction drive carried out in the Amchang wildlife sanctuary, during the last week of November 2017, left nearly 1500 families from more than 15 locations that fall inside the area. This eviction drive, however fair and lawful, is inhuman none-the-less. The people who has been living inside the area are thrust out, their home bulldozed to the ground, without any thought of where they would go.

The children who were supposed to prepare for examinations, now huddle in front of the remains of their home, perhaps some have the luxury of claiming a blanket to ward away the cold and frost, some don't even have that.

Shelter is one of the basic necessities, and this inhuman act by the state government robbed nearly 1500 families of that.

By this Petition, I request the Hon. Chief Minister of Assam to first make steps to rehabilitate the evicted victims for the sake of humanity.