Protection to people and Government Servant residing near Border locations.

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               On  8th September 2018, a 15 members team of PHED(Public Health Engineering Department) Assam led by The Chief Engineer(PHE)(W) Er. Saumya Kr. Baruah were attacked by a mob of around 200 during their official visit to Rajapara No 2 PWSS under Boko Sub-Division. The team had gone to inspect the scheme and view SBM related activities it that location which is close to the Meghalaya’s border, at around 3.30 pm, following a survey at Rajapara Part I village, where the H’ble  Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal is scheduled to launch a government  scheme on September 15th. The mob attacked the officers assuming the Assam government officials to be initiating government Schemes in areas under Meghalaya’s jurisdiction and in course of time encroaching them.

                 In August 2014, some Naga miscreants reportedly burnt around 200 houses in seven border villages of Uriamghat area leading to forced displacement of around 10 thousand Assamese people of the area to refugee camps. The immediate reason behind this violence was dispute over ownership and border disputes. As a result about 10,000 people were rendered homeless after unidentified gunmen from the Nagaland side attacked Assam villagers and set ablaze hundreds of houses forcing them to flee.

                 During January 2014, Armed groups from Arunachal Pradesh raided a village in Assam’s Sonitpur district and killed at least 10 people and injured eight others, adding that  the attack took place at Chauldhuwa village at Behali Reservve Forest close to the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border. The area has been a bone of contention between the two states for decades. 

                  On 27th February 2018, the Mizo Zirlai Pawl, Mizoram’s most powerful student organisation, built a wooden rest house somewhere in the Inner Line Permit Reserved Forest, large parts of which run along the Assam-Mizoram border. Later that evening, however, a joint team of the Assam police and the state’s Forest Department demolished the structure. On March 10, videos of the violence started doing the rounds and several villagers of Assam were attacked by mobs of mizo villages. During that time it was featured that Emmy C Lawbi, a journalist with the Guwahati-based news channel, News18 Assam-North East, with injuries on her back and neck.

                   There are endless events such that happing in every nook and corner in the state of Assam every now and then. Because of such bordering conflict, several arm force personals were attacked and killed, several civilians were forced to flee from their homeland and Several Government Officials were assaulted and attacked.

                    Moreover, officers from departments like PWD, PHE, Irrigation, Water Resources who are entrusted with execution of Projects and Schemes in the field faces hardship in maintaining their work in the locations nearing boarder fearing mob attack and assault. Moreover, a field officer faces many orther hardships like threats/force from Contractor, NGO’s, Local organization which makes their job of Public Service difficult.

                    Hereso, we  appeals to the Administration & Legislature of Assam these following initiatives to bring respite to the people:

1)      The Administration must take strong initiative to diminish confusion regarding border issues and aware public regarding jurisdiction of Assam and its boundaries. Also, Special powers and protection should be given to the arm force dealing with their duties in the bordering areas. Moreover, the people residing near state borders must be given special protection.

2)      Though there is a law named Public Officer Protection Act-1957 which restricts anybody from using force , violence & molestation to Public Servent, but that seems insufficient in safeguarding them. Hereso, we request the Lawmakers/Legislators to bring special bills in the Assembly for protection of Public Servant in the fields. Also, a special help line number should be started for the protection of Public Servant like Women Help line, Child Helpline number etc.

3)      Government must provide proper security arrangements to the government officials during their field visit. Also, a reconnaissance survey must be initiated prior to field visit of higher Government Officials.

           So, my humble request is for the Chief Minister and The Administration of Government of Assam is to look into this matter and give proper protection to the people and Government Employees of Assam to bring respite in living their life and working without pressure/fear.