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The contractor at Lingmala Dam construction site is using cheap human labor who in turn are using donkeys that are malnourished and badly beaten to ferry heavy bricks up the slopes. This construction is managed by the Forest Department of Maharashtra Government.

Letter to
Government of Maharashtra, Maharashtra State, India The Chief Minister, Maharashtra State, India
Honorable Chief Minister
I wish to bring to your notice a case of cruelty to animals taking place in your home district of Satara. At the Lingmala Dam, Mahabaleshwar, several malnourished donkeys are being made to carry heavy bricks up and down the slopes leading to the dam. This is part of the construction activity of a road/ dam being undertaken there. These donkeys are not only overloaded, they are constantly beaten with sticks to prod them on.
This cruelty to animals should not take place on your watch, dear Sir.
Please order an inquiry and stop these hapless animals from being so brutalized.

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