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Take Action For Musi-The Lost Legacy

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Water is the source of all life on earth.

Even to confirm whether man can survive outside this planet, scientists first check whether there is water on that body or not. Such high is the importance of water. Even 70% of human body is made up of water. A Japanese Scientist named Masaru Emoto scientists proved that water responds to human thoughts, by studying the shape of water crystals formed after expressing different moods. The experiment proved that negative thoughts create bad water and by extending this experiment we can say that bad water creates negative thoughts. Now imagine living near a river which is totally polluted with untreated industrial wastes and a river which emits foul ammonia smell. Imagine how the children of that area would be, how their childhood would be and what goes on in their brain. The river is Musi in heart of the city of pearls, Hyderabad. Dubbed as the biggest disaster in Hyderabad, Musi is one of the most polluted rivers in the nation and the banks of the river homes many slums of the city. It is time we come together to change this and make the life of the people better. Hyderabad is the city of pearls with people whose hearts are as beautiful as pearls.

Musi River is a tributary of Krishna River in the Deccan Plateau flowing through Telangana state in India. Hyderabad stands on the banks of Musi river, which divides the historic old city with the new city. Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar are dams built on it which used to act as source of water for Hyderabad. The river originates in Anantagiri Hills near Vikarabad, Ranga Reddy district, 90 kilometers to the west of Hyderabad and flows due east for almost all of its course. It joins the Krishna River at Vadapally in Nalgonda district after covering a distance of about 240 km.

Due to indiscriminate urbanization and lack of planning, the river has become a receptacle of untreated domestic and industrial waste dumping out of Hyderabad. It is estimated that nearly 350 MLD (million litres a day) of polluted water and sewage originating from Hyderabad and Secunderabad flow into the river. Efforts to clean it have failed. The river water downstream of the cities remains highly polluted, considered a major disaster in Hyderabad.

There have been many attempts made to clean the river but in vain. The river is most polluted in the city due to the addition of untreated industrial wastes. The water gets cleaner as the river moves away from the city and nearly 40km away from the city the water is fit for irrigation. This is due to the different treatment processes established. This proves that the water is not un-treatable but needs serious action towards it. The recent events in Karnataka, where water from domestic places was added into a lake, frothed and caught fire and burnt for nearly 3 days, should act as an eye opener for us and urge us to act immediately. Imagine a river full of untreated industrial wastes, what would be the condition of it if something like that occurs, can we stop it, can we stand in front of nature, when nature retaliates? Prevention is better than cure.

Come together and support us, sign up for the petition for the clean-up of Musi river. Let’s put forward a petition to our Telangana Government to take steps to clean the river and make the water drinkable and the river banks a tourist place in the next four years and make Hyderabad a city of pearls with lovely people and a clean river.


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