Reliable public transport - the failing MMTS of Hyderabad

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I take the MMTS daily to office. There is no last mile connectivity from any of the local train stations. The train timings are erratic and the the train keeps stopping. I know many people who would be happy to take a public transport over the overly polluted and congested roads of Hyderabad but the MMTS is so unreliable. For those of us who don't live near a metro station and don't have money for expensive Ubers and Olas have no option but to spend hours on the platform in the hope that a train will come on time.

This is a petition to request GHMC, transportation department and Chief Minister of Hyderabad to the MMTS a reliable mode of transport for the citizens of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

The following is proposed:

1. Train timings should be set that a train is available every 10 mins in any station on the line. This is when a lot of office goers and professionals will actually switch to MMTS making the roads less congested.

2. Last mile connectivity from the station to near by main roads is very important. EVs like battery rikshas or battery run mini buses that ply on main roads from the entry and exit of the station that allow connectivity is what will encourage people to opt for the MMTS.

3. Repair roads leading to and fro from the station and have clear signages. I know a lot of people who are ruining their health traveling long hours and I tell them there is a local train system available in Hyderabad, which they are not aware of.

The above three points would definitely encourage rich and poor to opt for public transportation which is a sign of a healthy city and economy in terms of time and resources spent on reaching from one place to another.

I urge Hyderabad citizens to please support this petition and not ignore the backbone of a city - public transportation that benefits all and request the government to take action for the citizens it has been chosen to work for.