Men’s Commission In India

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Off lately there has been an tremendous rise In the false rape and 498a cases. Under the banner of Women Empowerment, Women’s Commission keeps influencing the Law Making Bodies to form baseless laws that end up being misused against Men. 

Even the honorable Supreme Court Of India believes that 96% of 498a cases are false and is usually a weapon used by Married Women to extract Money from their Husbands. Supreme Court, Interestingly has coined a term for section 498a, “Legal Terrorism”.

90,000 Men In 2018 committed Suicide because they were charged with false accusations by some Women. This is a very sad scenerio and I believe this needs to be changed. 

The solution for this is “National Men’s Commission”. A body that could govern and present before the court a Man’s perspective. 

I humbly request Men to sign this petition and Save Indian Families and society from tearing apart meanwhile bringing an end to the tyranny of Gender Biased Laws.