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Debarring candidates who were caught bribing voters in RK Nagar from contesting polls.

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Respected Sir,

The Bye Election for the RK Nagar Assembly Constituency in Tamilnadu  was earlier cancelled due to the candidates indulging in doling out bribe money to voters to get their votes. This extreme step was taken by the Election  Commission on the basis of irrefutable evidence gathered through vigilance. Action is pending and the Hon'ble High Court of Chennai have also sought information on this. Now, as the Bye Election is called, we come to know that the same candidates are intending to contest. This poses an apprehension in the minds of conscientious citizens like me raising the following doubts in case such candidates are allowed to contest.

1) The candidates who have paid money in crores of rupees in the cancelled elections will carry the advantage and stand to gain the votes of the people who received the money as they  would feel indebted to do so.

2) What is the guarantee that such candidates would not dare to resort to the same "money for vote" strategy in the coming polls also?

Our intention is that the Electoral process should not be reduced to  a farce and Democracy itself should come out unscathed and flourish in this illustrious Republic of ours. Our prayer to you therefore is that,

All the candidates and their parties who indulged in giving money for votes in the cancelled RK Nagar Assembly Bye Elections in Tamilnadu should be barred from  contesting in the ensuing RK nagar Bye election and also in any other forthcoming election.

We pray to  the Election Commission of India to kindly examine the request urgently and issue appropriate instructions immediately.

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