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NOTA be made highly effective!


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21st February, 2017


The Chief Justice of India,

Supreme Court,

New Delhi.

 Sub: Make NOTA highly effective.

 Respected Sir,

 Introducing NOTA (None of the above) option in our electoral system was a good step to give an opportunity to express voter’s dissatisfaction about the candidates those are contesting. However, exercising NOTA option remains ineffective because this option does not make any impact on the results. This cannot bring any effective reforms in our electoral system.  

 NOTA is therefore rarely used because it just has symbolic value. This has resulted in the continuance of the old fashion of forcing corrupt, immoral and criminal candidates on the people. Our democracy has been significantly weakened as the citizens have the right to vote but no control over the candidates once they win the election. The promises showered before the election and immoral practices exercised by the political parties and the candidates during the elections go unchecked as soon the election is over.

 The petitioner herewith requests to bring further reforms in NOTA to make it effective.

 1.    NOTA votes should be counted as valid electoral negative votes.and those negative votes casted by the voters should be deducted from the total votes earned by all the candidates.  

2.    If NOTA votes surpass the general votes, the election held in the concerned constituency should be considered null  & void and fresh elections should be declared.

3.    Not a single candidate who contested previously held but canceled election should be eligible to contest the re-election in the concerned constituency.

4.    The deposits of all the candidates of the concerned constituency be confiscated to compensate some cost of the re-election.

 This way, the negative vote will be honored which is highly essential to preserve the values of the true democracy. Most of the voters abstain from voting because they do not wish to vote for undesired candidates and NOTA carries no electoral value.

 This also will provide a check on the political parties before declaring their candidates. Money and caste are playing a major role in our democratic system because there is no counter check on the selection process. Voter is forced to select one or other from the enforced candidates. This makes our democracy weak where the voter has no say in this process.

 To strengthen the democracy, immediate step will be to make NOTA highly effective in given manner. Additional appropriate changes in the mechanism may be incorporated to make democracy stronger and fruitful to the Indian citizens. The present flaws in the electoral system have made Voter just a mute spectator with very little to do than mere voting. The present representatives are not at all true representatives of the people in an absence of reflection of the people’s true sentiments and hence most of the people do not vote. Making NOTA most powerful will value the voter’s wishes and thus empowering him.

 On behalf of the Indian citizens I would like to request you to consider this petition and direct to make necessary changes in election laws.

 Thanking you.

 Yours sincerely,

Sanjay Sonawani


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