Make Masks Optional at CHCA Now!

Make Masks Optional at CHCA Now!

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Kim Georgeton started this petition to The CHCA Head of School and School Board

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We started this petition in an effort to advocate for our children who have been forced to wear masks all day at school. The CHCA School Board needs to make masks optional for our children. Masks are not one size fits all. 

We are seeing more documented accounts of local students with special needs that have been severely impacted by masks:

Kids with glasses have been forced to go to school without them, as they can't control the fogging. 
Hearing impaired kids can no longer read lips. 
Kids with speech issues cannot see their teachers mouth during instruction; a critical component for comprehension. 
Kids who are asthmatic, allergy-prone, or children on the spectrum have an especially hard time. If a mask inhibits the ability of someone to breathe in any way, it's recommended to not wear one.

Dentists are reporting a massive increase in "mask mouth" which is causing premature tooth decay and poor oral and respiratory health.

Children in every grade, K-12, are reporting chronic headaches; a sign of oxygen deprivation. This video of a 6yr old girl who underwent transcranial testing shows reduced blood flow in the brain while wearing a mask:
Child shaming and discipline by teachers, staff, and administration.

The psychological impacts are extremely concerning and kids have been treated harshly when 'not obeying'. New Study Finds Masks Hurt School children Physically, Psychologically, and Behaviorally
Masks are not being regulated or worn properly while at school. After a long, hot day--they are moist, filled with bacteria and E.Coli. The masks are not changed after soiled or moist, as directed by medical professionals. As the humidity rises, this is a danger to our children. 

There is ZERO long term research for the impacts of masking of children. 

A new study, involving over 25,000 school-aged children, shows that masks are harming schoolchildren physically, psychologically, and behaviorally, revealing 24 distinct health issues associated with wearing masks.

In a July 2020 interview, Dr. Brett Enneking, child psychologist at Riley Children’s Health in Indiana says emotional, intellectual, and language development could be delayed or stunted due to mask use.

A Lancet journal says the negative effects of antisocial measures may profoundly affect adolescents because they’re at a crucial stage of their lives where their social environment has an enormous impact on many vital functions such as brain development, self-construction, and mental health.

“Wearing masks and being around others wearing masks, may have an impact on [preschool-aged children’s] speech and language development. They rely a lot on reading mouths and facial expressions to learn words and language. Masks will definitely interfere with social and emotional development.” -Wendy Ell, Occupational Therapist and Executive Director of the Missouri Child Psychiatry Access Project (July 2020)

We’re now one year into this pandemic, and we have mountains of evidence on COVID and kids.


Children are very unlikely to become infected with, become seriously ill, or suffer death from COVID-19.
There is a growing amount of research available showing that young children are not significant drivers of the spread of COVID-19, including at school and at home. A January 2021 study involving 100,000 students and staff says 99.968% of children do not get Covid-19 from school. There were only 32 reported cases of infection (.032%), and there were zero instances reported of a child infecting an adult.

It is our duty as adults to not only protect the younger generation, but also do as much as possible to ensure they thrive.

There is NO STATUTORY LAW that mandates masks.

Frequent mask wearing: 

Is a breeding ground for bacteria
Increases risk of CO2 poisoning
Reduces oxygen intake
Causes increased face touching which subsequently increases the spread of germs from touching of the mask and all other surfaces.
In addition to the fact that there is no scientific evidence or studies that can confirm the effectiveness of these masks, our children deserve to breathe fresh air, which is vital for immune health. Their mental, emotional and social well-being is being impeded every day they are forced to wear these face coverings.

Please join us in signing this petition to ask The CHCA Head of School and School Board to REMOVE the mask requirements in our school for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year! Let them be optional and the child’s choice to wear or not to wear. Our children deserve better!

Please feel free to read more about the harms of masking children:



0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!