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Dr Brian Robinson - I Signed This Petition Because of the way the CAA Demonised Prof. Moshe Machover

Tony Greenstein
Brighton, ENG, United Kingdom

Mar 20, 2017 — There are now more than 1600 signatures to this petition urging that the McCarthyite 'charity' - the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism - is relieved of its status as a charity.

I am happy to post the reasons why Dr Brian Robinson of Milton Keynes signed. Please share widely on social media and elsewhere.

At first hasty glance at this petition I wasn't minded to sign because I confused it with the CST, a different animal, although if one isn't careful it's not too difficult to confuse them. But then I read the totally unjustified, and possibly libellous, comments on Moshé Machover and I knew that this was something so utterly beyond, that I had to sign.

I am happy and proud to rate Moshé as a personal friend. We have discussed many things, not just about Israel and the Palestinians, but about socialism and politics generally (we often differ, but respect each other's point of view), and sometimes philosophy. I have read scores of Moshé's articles, heard him speak dozens of times at meetings and watched loads of videos of him either speaking or being interviewed. When it comes to assessing who does more to foment antisemitism, people such as Moshé Machover who know from the
inside what they're talking about, or organisations acting as apologists for Israeli crimes and human rights abuses, I am in no doubt whatever that it's the latter who stand accused because they make it easier for genuine antisemites to adopt the anti-Zionism of fools, falsely claiming, because they've heard or read representatives of such organisations, that all Jews endorse and therefore share guilt in Israeli atrocities.

If we want to talk about violence, pre-state political Zionism was violent at its start and continues violently to this day in Israeli state terrorism. Are we really surprised that the oppressed and dispossessed have always fought back against their oppressors?

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