Save our Imamia Mission Forest Gate E7 (Mosque, Community Centre) from sale & closing down

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Imamia Mission London (U.K.) is a registered charity 269886, it was established in 1970, located at 328 Romford Road, Forest Gate, E7 8BS and is one of the oldest Shia Mosque and Community Centres in the East London area. The institution has been meeting the needs of the East London's Shia community since that time, catering for their religious, social, cultural, educational and recreational needs. It is a place of worship and holding Jummah Prayers since its existence.

Imamia Mission is the only community centre, a place of worship in East London that oversees the annual Ashura procession on the 10th Moharram (annually) to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (as).

It has come to the notice of the local community that Imamia Mission will be sold soon. Another, centre in the name of the "New Imamia Mission" has been purchased in Newbury Park, Essex. Moreover, there is no need to move Imamia Mission to a location that is just yards away from another well-established Shia community centre namely the Muslim Community of Essex (MCE). The local community of both centres is very concerned that their views have not been taken into account and that they will not benefit from such a move. The New Imamia Mission is not easily reachable for local people, in particular, those with children and young people that had up until now attended the Sunday school at Forest Gate address.

We are very concerned that this decision has been taken without any consultation of the local Shia Community residing in the East London and in particular the that living in the Forest Gate vicinage that will be affected by the change of address. We strongly urge the Charity Commission of England and Wales to investigate the purchase and sale and intervene in this matter to safeguard the interests of the local community and the Imamia Mission (UK) charity.

We strongly urge the local community to make their concerns known and make every effort to save this charity and place of worship from closing down and appoint a new democratically elected management to run the charity in the interests of its people.