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Lower Crime Rates - Change the legal US drinking age to 18

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As an 18 year old American citizen, I find it outrageous that I can legally consume alcohol in almost every country except the United States.

This age marks a crucial time in one's life - the coming of adulthood. In our country, an adult can legally vote for the President of the United States, purchase cigarettes, purchase spray paint, purchase tobacco, sue/be sued, serve on a jury, be drafted for the military, open a personal bank account, get a tattoo, buy fireworks, go to a strip club/strip at a strip club, lease an apartment/house, book a cruise, work more hours, purchase porn, go to certain night clubs, donate blood, buy a car, gamble, DRINK IN MOST OTHER COUNTRIES,  change his/her name, buy a credit card, book a hotel room, see an R-rated movie, AND SERVE ALCOHOL.

It dumbfounds me that as an adult in the United States, I can legally take part in all of these things but I cannot drink. People under 21 see alcohol as a "forbidden fruit" which only increases curiosity. Therefore, when a minor is in a position where they can readily get a drink from someone of age, they have the tendency to get drunk since they know that they may not have the opportunity to drink for a while. As a result, more serious problems (like death) emanate due to an overconsumption of alcohol. In fact, statistics manifest this chain reaction; studies have shown that 22% of students under 21 are heavy drinkers compared to the 18% of heavy drinkers over the age of 21. (

In addition to this, it is irrational for a country to implement a national drinking age that falls in the middle of college for most people. This means that the US government is consciously integrating curious "minors" with legal young drinkers. College parties are known for their wild nature and excessive supplement of alcoholic beverages and it would be completely ludicrous to think that underage college students abide to this law. Therefore, changing the legal drinking age will substantially decrease crime rates nationwide. Millions of young adults will illegally drink alcohol before they come of age, regardless of the law; by lowering the US drinking age to match the rest of the world, domestic illegal activity will mitigate and our country will benefit in the long run.
(Especially since America has the highest crime rate across the globe)

So now I ask.. why is the drinking age 21? Most of the world seems to grasp the illogicality of this law, so isn't it time that America do the same?

It's time for a change.

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