STOP ALL BILLS, Interest & Debt until C19 Crisis end & Pay EVERYONE EQUALLY for essentials

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Boris Johnson, the Chancellor and the Government have the power to do everything necessary to help all of us during the Covid-19 Crisis, but they are not.
The financial measures they have taken do not help everyone. There are massive holes. At best, those of us who have lost income will have to borrow to manage. Others will lose their jobs, their businesses, their homes and many other things that they would not have to if the Government used its power as it now should.
The economy should be shut down and stopped from operating in its current form. Interest accumulation should be halted. A payment or repayment holiday should be imposed on rents, services and supplies on standing agreements and not now being ordered - whether it is for personal or business use.
The Government should temporarily renationalise all essential utilities and services and underwrite supply to ensure the services we ALL need are provided throughout the Shutdown without need for any of us to worry about how we pay.
The only exceptions should be subscription services or luxury services like TV Streaming, where unlike basic broadband and phone packages, we have a choice.
EVERYONE who has been laid off, had to stop trading, has had their hours zeroed out or had had their income stopped by the Shutdown should then receive EXACTLY THE SAME amount of money each week to cover the cost of food and essentials for them and each person they are directly responsible for.
Those still working and doing their bit for us all will have the bonus of the payment holiday, whilst everyone else will still have jobs, homes and businesses at the end of this, whenever that time comes.
By doing this EVERYONE will be treated fairly and the same.