Resume the Educational Activities in Quaid-e-Azam University

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During the Vietnam War, there were schools that continued on undergrounds in tunnels. 

It is therefore a matter of considerable shame for a country like Pakistan where in a peace times, the students of Quaid-e-Azam University are being denied Education and have become the unfortunate victims between stands taken up by the Vice Chancellor and ASA. 

Between this power struggle, it is the majority of students whose worth is being undermined, by denying them education, by non-consideration of their time, finances, the moral obligation to provide education by the VC, ASA and HEC. 

This petition sorts to put forward the following demands:

1. The delay in starting the Spring Semester 2018 has resulted in monetary, educational and social loss for the students. The students come from far and wide across the country, and plan their routines, holidays, and work schedules accordingly. By this delay, their lives have been disrupted, and so will their work, future plans - plans as mundane as going back to their cities and villages during Semester break, to as complex as job opportunities, scholarship awards. 

2. ASA should find more creative and non-disruptive ways for protest. However if the ASA feels that they have a moral and social obligation towards their protest, they need to forfeit their salaries. 

3. The deadlock needs to be worked out, and a clear cut date needs to be provided for the resolution of this matter. It can't continue to be an ongoing, unpredictable deadlock. 

4. Academic Activities should not be stopped, no matter who the party, who the people, what the agenda or cause, or what city or institution. A few people, whether just or not, can't hold up the university and its students and its activities hostage. 

5. The University Academic activities be revived, and the semester be concluded as scheduled. Extra steps be taken to finish the course on time and ensure that the students have received the best Education they deserve, for which they have traveled far and wide. 

We urge that a quick resolution be sought for this problem, and a policy to be created by the HEC and the Chancellor's Office to sort this problem and find its long term solution. 

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