Save Cambridge community skatepark and garden

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In May and June of 2020, the skateboarding community in Cambridge came together to build a skatepark and garden on neglected University land. Working in a socially-distanced way, and outdoors, this project has been a powerful force for good in chaotic times.

Despite the positive nature of the project, Cambridge University have evicted us and we hope this petition will bring some publicity to our cause.

What we want:

We would like permission to use the land, for as long as it does not disrupt or obstruct ongoing business, for:

  1. A place for the skateboarding community of Cambridge to gather, to build and skate obstacles that can be used freely by everyone.
  2. A community garden where anyone who is interested can learn about growing vegetables and being more self sufficient.

If the university is not willing to accommodate this then we demand a public statement explaining why, and what specifically they plan on using this decade-abandoned land for, if anything, and when.

We are also interested in continuing this project on other 'meanwhile' land that is not currently being used in Cambridge, if there is some available for us to use with permission.

What we can offer:

  1. No ownership: we do not contest the ownership of this space, we only wish to use it in a respectful and impermanent way.
  2. Respectful: no litter, no music, vacated in the evening, consult with local residents with regards to mitigating noise.
  3. Impermanent: no damage to the environment or existing structures, no permanent installations, anything we create we will remove at no cost when the land is needed for other purposes.
  4. Liability: if possible we would like to allow the land owner to come to an agreement with members of the garden or skatepark, where any members would acknowledge the risks involved in their activities and give up / not enter into any legal claims resulting from an injury involved in these activities on the site.

For more information:

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