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Stop the Crimes Against Humanity in Southern Cameroon

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The people of southern Cameroon are a minority English speaking people, who were excised from Nigeria and united with the French speaking Cameroon through a plebiscite in 1961.

Since then, a program of systematic oppression, subjugation, torture dehumanisation and exclusion have been unleashed against them for decades.

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They are being forced on the pain of death, to subject their children to teaching in French language, instead of their preferred English language.

For decades, they have been slaughtered in the streets, raped, and subjected to forced disappearance, while all access  to the outside world have been blocked

Internet access has been denied and the use of smart phones have been prohibited. Any attempt to film the street killing of women, children and young people have been met with severe punitive measures and destruction.

The Constitutive Acts of The African Union provides that the Union shall promote and protect Human Rights, as provided by the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights, suitable for their development.

Cameroon is a signatory to both the Constitutive Act of the African Union and the African Charter on Human and People's Rights.

Under international Law, there is an absolute bar against torture and extra judicial killing, which is currently underway in Southern/Anglophone Cameroon, sponsored by the state under Paul Biya who has been head of State for over thirty four (34) years.

There is a conspiracy of silence by the African Union and African leaders in the face of this mindless travesty and systematic genocide of a class of Africans.

In East Timor, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina and elsewhere in the World regional and international organs have intervened to halt crimes against Humanity occurring within the territory of member states. 

The case of Southern Cameroon can not be different. Your silence today will encourage oppressors and dictators all over the world. You may be a victim tomorrow.

 Please sign this petition to denounce the conspiracy of silence and compel the Chairperson of the African Union to awake to his responsibilities to the poor and persecuted people of Southern Cameroon.

Ewere Odiase Esq. is a Human Rights Activist, Lawyer and Author.





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