Stop the inhumane and unprofessional treatment of patients in Mafikeng Provincial Hospital

Stop the inhumane and unprofessional treatment of patients in Mafikeng Provincial Hospital

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The CEO of Mafikeng Provincial Hospital

Why this petition matters

I am writing this complaint on behalf of all the victims of mistreatment, negligence and abuse (if any). This huge violation of vulnerable patients rights by heath care workers is unacceptable. Every patient has a right to quality treatment at any government health facility. Patients have a right to a safe and clean environment. The poor treatment of patients by health care workers is on the rise, and it has since been normalized. These are the same health care workers who took an oath to be professional for the benefit of the sick. 

These are the main problems faced by Mafikeng Provincial Hospital patients daily: 

• Ill-mannared health care workers( Sisters/Nurses in particular) their tone and speech towards patients is startling.

• Unprofessional Nurses/Sisters who do not take care the needs of patients like bathing them, give them treatment in time, assist them in clothing change,  etc.

• Doctors at most do not attend patients in time, sometimes not at all. Hence in coming new patients do not receive help in time. 

• Nurses/ Sisters in wards spend most of their valuable time in their mobile phones instead of caring for the sick. 

• The hospital is always dirty, it is not a hospitable place for the sick. It is a haven for spread of hospital acquired diseases. Such most be solved as soon as possible. 

The solution to all of this is to ensure our health professionals are reminded of the importance of the oath they took. Some of the young staff needs more professional training, as negligence is on the rise due to lack of skills and professionalism. 

I hope this message reaches the rightful target(s). Let us make the lives of our people great again by offering them the best health care possible. The future of South African depends on it.  

Thank you. 




30 have signed. Let’s get to 50!