Stop sale of wild animals for food and medicine in China! It ran the COVID-19 pandemic!

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Stop sale and use of wild animals for food and medicine in China! This practice started the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, which already killed tens of thousands of people!


We ask the Government of the People's Republic of China to permanently ban in the country the sale and use of animals of various species living in the natural environment (wild animals) for medical and food purposes. This tradition was the reason for the horrible ongoing pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19 disease and the epidemic of atypical pneumonia caused by coronavirus SARS-CoV (Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus) in 2003.

According to scientists, the appearance of the human-infecting coronavirus COVID-19 could be caused by recombination of the bat virus and the pangolin or snake virus, which, among other wild animals, are sold in numerous markets in China [1,2]. The coronavirus COVID-19 could be introduced also by other wild animals, which are brought to the numerous markets of China from the whole world. The coronavirus can persist for a long time on various surfaces, including the fur of animals. Keeping animals in unsanitary conditions of Chinese markets, in close contact with each other, could also cause its quick spreading. Nobody knows what other dangerous diseases may come in the future for people because of this custom in China.

We believe that the Government of China has to permanently ban the sale and use of wild animals in the country for food and medicine purposes in order to prevent similar pandemics in the future!

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic could be comparable to the world war in terms of its consequences for the economy and society. And this story is far from over. On April 7, 2020 1,444,822 cases of coronavirus infection COVID-19 have been confirmed in 209 countries and territories, including 83,103 fatalities. The increase over the past day was +13,903 cases and +1,069 fatalities [3]. The borders of almost all countries in the world have been closed. In some countries the passing between regions and cities is forbidden. The quarantine or isolation of people from each other has been introduced almost everywhere. Because of it, all people, adults and children, have lost the normal healthy style of their life for a long time. They cannot study, work and relax efficiently, many of them lost their jobs and single income. In some regions, people cannot even go outside their houses and must spend weeks inside their homes without fresh air and physical movements. The economy was damaged all over the world, the horrible consequences of which will be felt in the near future. No doubt, this is the worst crisis in recent decades, which can last for several months or even years.  All this happened only because of the Chinese custom to use wild animals for food and medicine!

The Chinese passion to use of various wild animals for cooking and medicine supports the poaching and “legal killing” of wild animals in China and many other countries. This caused the devastation of many wild natural lands. Tens of thousands of wild animals, including endangered species, are supplied to the Chinese markets every year! Saiga antelope, brown bears, tigers, leopards, musk deer, rhinos, elephants, pangolins, snakes, bats, and many other wild animals are killing for the nutritional needs of the Chinese. Now, this passion has led to the world apocalypse of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to prevent new pandemics of virus infections, the tradition of using wild animals for food and medicine has to be stopped in China.

Please sign this petition and turn on your voice to convince the government of China to permanently ban the purchase, sale and use of wild animals for food and medicine! It may help to prevent similar pandemics in the future.



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