Get CCAR to Reform Their Sexual Misconduct Reporting Standards

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Cora Schenberg
Sep 25, 2020
I want to be proud of my community. That's hard if rape and other abuses are tolerated. Please act on this issue!

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Claire Kaplan
Sep 25, 2020
The behavior of the CCAR is no better than a circle of Catholic cardinals and bishops protecting sexual abusers. As a long-time victim advocate, I am horrified that leaders in my own faith are no different--and we claim to have the moral high ground! Shame on you! Read this petition and respond positively to each demand. It is the only just thing to do.

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Anita Kanitz
1 year ago
“Now, should we treat women as independent agents, responsible for themselves? Of course. But being responsible has nothing to do with being raped. Women don’t get raped because they were drinking or took drugs. Women do not get raped because they weren’t careful enough. Women get raped because someone raped them.”
― Jessica Valenti, The Purity Myth: How America's Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women

"Don't call sadistic and dangerous actions of men, connected with bullying, harassment, stalking, rape, sexual violence, domestic abues and murder romance, love and normal, call it by the real name: heinous crimes. Don't blame the victim for the actions, blame the culprits. We are all the change for a better future without these crimes. We must only have the courage to call the crimes and the predators by the name and fight against it. We must be the voices of the victims! Never forget the pain and the deaths of the victims, remember them until end of time, that such crimes are the past and not the future!"
-Anita Kanitz

In the following four cases, men have supported me more than women and could really help me.

I would advise all women, girls, and female children to learn self-defense and martial arts instead of learning to be beautiful and docile. Because the day could come when it saves their lives.

Later I deterred all the aggressors by telling them I practiced on a Grapfruit in a self-defense course, how to squeeze out the eyes of male aggressors.

I was stalked and hunted with a car by a unknown man(a cowardly pervert) as I was a little school girl on my long and lonley school way. I was 10 years old. He wanted to abduct me and rape me and perhaps kill me. All the time he cried out of the car, he has a little girl as me at home, I must fear nothing. The last time the man chased me with the car and tried to pull me in the car, I slammed the car door from the outside and clamped his arm in the car door and then ran away over fields, fields and scrub where he could not follow with the car. I saw on his hand a ring, he was married. He verbally abused me out of the car and threatened to kill me. Nevertheless, this behavior has saved me. Although the offender was tall and strong, I escaped. At that time, I was telling everything to my teacher and classmates which were trying to ambush the man to grab him. But he escaped. and was never seen again.What a perverse human pig!

I was bullied and stalked in college and at workplace. I was 17 year old. I got rape threats from a psychopathic classmate (a cowardly idiot). When the classmate sexually insulted and scolded me in front of the whole class, I ripped him with his long hair over a bench and hit him with a ruler until it broke. That gave me respect, because he was a very strong and very tall young man. He had many girl friends all the time, changing them like T-Shirts and laughing about them, but in spite of that, he harassed me. Classmates and a female teacher were speaking some hard words to him, after It told them, that this stalker want to rape me with others and was planing that. He defamed me in the whole school. What a heinous human pig!He left the school without passed exame.

And at the workplace there was a rape attempt by a male boss (a cowardly dumb ass)I was 18 years old.
My supervisor gave me a lot of work unnecessarily, so I sat at it until the evening. When we were alone in the office, he came from behind, took me into a strangle hold and tried to throw me down and take off the sweater. I broke free with elbows and kicks, gave him a chin hook that sent him to the ground and then stepped on him. After that, I escaped. I was very angry because his pregnant wife was in the hospital and he bragged in the office, that he slept daily with another girl, they are all sluts. This offender was very strong, like a bulldog. I told everything to my other big boss and a male collegague. Both said very hard words to the culprit and threatend him with the police. The offender said, he invited me to a cup of coffee and then I got mad. What a cowardly human pig! But they did not believe him. In spite of this I was bullied and harassed by others, because of that and so I terminated my job after three years for a better one.

I was stalked and harassed by an misogynist ex-tenant (a cowardly asshole) and his entire circle of friends. At that time I was 48 years old. There were damages to property, slander on the Internet, cybermobbing, telephone terror, rape threats and death threats.My husband e-mailed the tenant for his outrageous behavior, which then accused us of being liars and stalkers.
My husband reported the tenant on suspicion of terrorism because tenant had the behavior of a terrorist and friendships with very uncanny appropriate people.

I think my ex-tenant is a very dangerous man who is capable of anything.

Shortly before moving out, he was seen laughing and taking a pistol at the head of his then-female acquaintance in a car below the house. At the same time, my husband informed me that the tenant had bought a sadistic porn on the same day, when his girlfriend wanted sanitary napkins because of heavy bleedings.
I think my ex-tenant is a very dangerous man who is capable of anything. Shortly before moving out, he was seen laughing and taking a gun at the head of his then-female acquaintance in a car below the house. At the same time, my husband informed me that the tenant had bought a sadistic porn on the same day, when his girlfriend wanted sanitary napkins because of heavy bleeding from me. We knew immediately what had happened. During his short thenant-time he had a girl friend and many One-Night-Stands, but in spite of that, he stalked me. And he defamed me in the neighbour hood as woman, that slept around. After the departure of the tenant informed me the mother of a female tenant in the apartment above him that this was probably drugged with drugs, raped and was now blackmailed. Since the female tenant no longer talked to us and then moved out and probably no police turned on, we could unfortunately do nothing. Murder and rape threats to me were signed with Jack from Hell. I got a photo sent from the blowjob with about twelve years old girl, I recognized him on the liver spot and dimples on the chin, on the dark hair and the clothes.
From a forum for stalking victims, I and all those who wanted to help me, were bullied out by him and other unknowns within a few days. I was no longer anonymous, because my appearance and my place of residence was described. A pen pal discovered a forum where my tenant bragged that he was going to end the conflict with a woman with a bottle in her vagina, attached with a corresponding cruel X-ray image of such a crime. What a sadistic human pig! My tenant was a very tall and very strong man, when I realized that he was planning something evil when I was home alone one day, I invited my parents and let them park their car somewhere else. He came then and was very angry when I was not alone, he was sweating heavily, claiming that he wanted to pay me the rent cash today and pulled out a bundle of unbelievable many money , which seemed very strange to me. He is a masterful psychopathic liar, and capable of anything that I know to be evil.

The unintelligible thing about the whole thing is, all Criminals, Mobbers and Stalkers had spectators, bystanders and helpers and people, which are looking away, also females. How can women and girls in this world be so stupid to be not on their own side?
I have therefore the opinion that the cowardly crimes stalking, bullying and rape are punished as hard as possible and that helpers, bystanders and spectators must be also severely punished.
Bullying and stalking, rape culture should not be more straightforward in the future. In cases where bullying and stalking leads to death or ends with rape, gang rape, sexual torture, murder and suicide, there should be high lifelong imprisonment for all parties, including helpers and spectators.

The female betrayal of female victims is as old as the world. Because of this men worldwide call women dumb and inferior. The female betrayal includes bullying, slander, hate speech, psychoterror, abuse, violence, stalking, participation in FGM, child murder, abortion of female fetuses, femicide, forced marriages, childhood marriages, honor murder, dowry murder, sex murder, sexual torture, acid attacks, witch hunts, sex slavery, rape pornography, forced prostitution. Female treason also means excusing the perpetrators and accusing the victims. This is a worldwide disgrace and must have an end.

Organized hate campaigns are for example bullying with internet harassment and online slandering. Stalking, cyber stalking and bullying,,online stalking, online harassment connected with defamation and identy theft, the enhanced form of bullying has increased alarmingly worldwide and also the cruelty to the victims is very frightening. Many destroyed lives and suicides, especially among children, adolescents, young girls are very much the case. Stalkers are felonies, cowardly, psychopathic, sociopathic, sadistic, brutal and capable of anything. I know that as victims and as a member of a victim organization. It is important to establish support centers for victims, it is important to create very hard for stalker laws with long prison terms. It is important to recognize stalking as a felony and condemn the perpetrators as felons. Stalkers lay hands remarkably often on women living alone, young girls, to students, children who are going to school and chat, families with children.
It makes them fun to destroy lifes, it makes them fun to get people to commit suicide, it makes them fun to make people emotionally, professionally and personally broken. This has to end with very hard punishments!

"When good and evil are placed in opposition to one another, good usually triumphs over evil. However, when good and evil make pacts with one another, it is usually evil which triumphs."
Anita Kanitz

Gang rape: worldwide fun for young men and boys!
The heinous crime ever, because the victim cannot escape!

Gang Rape : 8 Most Brutal Gang Rape Cases in The World

1. 2009 Richmond High School Gang Rape, U.S.

On 24 October 2009 a 15 year old student was on her way back from a school ball. Her father wanted to pick her up, when a classmate persuaded her to come with him to the picnic area of their school. There, six men and boys were waiting who started to beat, rape and humiliate the girl for around two hours.

Several witnesses came, saw what was happening, but didn’t help according to reports. Instead, they filmed the scenario and send sms to other classmates. After the attack, the victim was left unconscious on the picnic place and had to be flown to hospital by helicopter.

One of the rapists was the 19 year old Manuel Ortega, who was an ex­-pupil of the Richmond High school. The 15 year old victim got often teased because of her style and her nature, which weren’t “hip” enough.

2. 2016 Yuyun Gang Rape Sumatra, Indonesia

Yuyun Gang Rape Sumatra Indonesia

On 2 April 2016, a 14­-year-­old student from a small village in Sumatra, Indonesia was on her way back home from school, when someone pulled her into the forest. There, 14 young men were waiting who allegedly raped and then killed Yuyun.

Her corpse was found naked and knotted. Her offenders were all under 18. They drank palm liquor before they committed the crime. While the instance didn’t get much media attention, was it the feminist lobby in Indonesia, who called attention for this case, stating that it was only one out of many rapes that already happened in 2016. They request a harder draft pills against sexual violence to women.

3. 2012 Delhi Gang Rape

2012 Delhi Gang Rape, India

It was the 16 December 2012 when the 23 year old physiotherpy student Jyoti and her boyfriend were on their way back home from the cinema. Almost simoultaneously in Delhi, a group of six men stole an empty bus. They were driving aimlessly around in the city, when they saw Jyoti and her boyfriend waiting for a bus. The two went in, not knowing that it was not a normal bus, when the six men first beat Jyotis boyfriend up and then brutally raped her.

After that, they tried to pulled out her intestines with an iron rod and threw her and her boyfriend half dead on the road. The act caused a worldwide shock and triggered a debate about sexual violence against women in India and their role in society. People and especially women organised mass protests and demanded to hang the six rapists. Four of them were sentenced to death, but appealed against the judgement. The leader of the group was found hanged in his cell in March 2013. In 2015, one of the rapist got released, because during the time of the crime he was an underage.

4. 2012 Oksana Makar Gang Rape, Ukraine

Oksana Makar Gang Rape

Oksana Makar was only 18 years old, when three young men brutally raped her on 2 April 2012. When she threatened them to report the offence to the police, they choked Oksana until they were thinking she is dead. After that, the three men wrapped the young girl in a cloth, dragged her into a deserted building site and set her on fire. A passerby spotted her and reached out for help.

Oksana died three weeks later due to her heavy injuries. Almost 55 % of her skin was burnt and doctors had to amputate both her feet and the right arm. The case caused a huge public indignation in the Ukraine. All three perpetrators were caught by the police, but two of them quickly got released. The reason: it turned out that they were the sons of high officials of the regional administration.

Oksana’s mother in the meanwhile showed a video of her suffering daughter on the internet. She had the sympathy of the Ukrainians on her side, who donated blood and raised money for Oksana.

5. Gang Rape and Murder of Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peña, U.S.

Two teenage girls from Houston, Texas, were gang raped and murdered on June 24, 1993. 15 year old Jennifer Lee Ertman and 16 year old Elizabeth Christine Pena were on their way back home from a party, when they decided to take a shortcut across the tracks to avoid being back at home after the curfew. Here, beer drinking gang members noticed them, captured the girls and raped them several times.

Once the six men realized that the girls could recognize them, they decided to kill them.

Jennifer and Elizabeth got strangled to death and were found four days later in the park. Peter Anthony Cantu, who was the leader of the gang, was executed in August 2010 with lethal injection. It was his brother, who told the police about the crime after hearing that the youngest members of the gang boasted how much fun they had with the girls. Two other gang members got executed in 2006 and 2008.
Two of three left persecutors got sentenced to death for lifetime, while the youngest one (who was only 14 years old at the time of the crime) was sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment..

6. 2006 Qatif Gang Rape, Saudi Arabia

The 18 year old victim of the Qatif gang rape met in a car with her former boyfriend by the end of 2006. According to her she met him to get back a photo of her as she was already engaged to someone else during this time. But her ex-­boyfriend kidnapped her and after thereupon, she got raped by seven different men.

After the incident, the “Qatif Girl”, who belongs to a Shiite minority in Saudi Arabia, was sentenced to 90 lashes, as she had met a man without another male relative. On 13 November 2007, the penalty was aggravated in an appeal to 200 strokes and six months in prison also because the girl turned to the public to get international attention for the case. The judges therefor said, that the rape wouldn’t have happened, if the young woman wouldn’t have met with the man alone.

In December 2007 Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah paroned the girl.

7. 2002 Mukhtara Mai Gang Rape, Pakistan

On 22 June 2002 Mukhtara Mai got overwhelmed by several men in the house of the Mastoi­ family. They teared off her clothes and four of the fourteen men in the house raped the then 30 year old.

It’s said, that the men had agreed on the rape in a Jirga, an assembly, as a punishment for Mukhtara and her family.

The background: Mukhtara’s brother was suspected and accused by the Mastoi family of committing fornication with a Mastoi woman. Three members of Mastoi family in revenge sodomized and tortured Muhktara’s brother.

The solution: Mukhtara’s brother has to marry the same Mastoi­ girl he was alleged of being involved in fornication. Furthermore Mukhtara should marry one of the Mastois. But in the last minute, the Mastoi family decided to cancel the plan. To overcome the dispute and see the case as resolved the Mastoi- family wanted Mukhtaran Mai to come to their house in person and apologize for the whole incident.

By the time Mukhtara Mai with his father and maternal uncle arrived for the apology, armed man with a 30-caliber pistol, forcibly took Mukhtaran into a stable where she was gang raped. It is also reported that on the orders of Jirga (traditional assembly of leaders), she was paraded naked in front of hundreds of onlookers.

Mukhtaran indicated her tormentors, but until now only of them is in jail, while all the other ones are free. The now 39 year old is married to a policeman and had written a book about her internationally well known and unique case.

8.Rape and murder of Anene Booysen, South Africa:

Anene Booysen (October 30, 1995 – February 2, 2013) was a 17-year-old girl who was found by a security guard the morning after she had been gang-raped and disemboweled by having her abdomen slit open at a construction site in Bredasdorp, in the Western Cape, South Africa on February 2, 2013; she was still alive, but died later in the day.She managed to identify one of her attackers before her death.Johannes Kana was convicted for the crime, and sentenced to two consecutive life sentences.Booysen and Reeva Steenkamp, both young South African women killed in 2013, were named SA Persons of the year 2013 by the Daily Maverick.

books about self defense against hate crimes:

Fight Like a Girl...and Win: Defense Decisions for Women by Lori Hartman Gervasi (Autor):
A powerful and practical guide that packs a major punch ... without even throwing one! Self-defense lecturer and no-nonsense author Lori Hartman Gervasi lays out simple actions and important decisions women must make BEFORE they find themselves in physical danger to eliminate surprise and panic.
It's an unfortunate reality that women are susceptible to random acts of aggression, from sexual harassment and stalking to physical assaults, domestic violence, date rape and worse. But women can learn how to protect and defend themselves -- with this groundbreaking guidebook. Let martial arts black belt and accomplished journalist Lori Hartman Gervasi walk you through easy-to-follow, everyday steps for taking charge of your personal safety, training your reflexes, and -- if and when the time comes -- using force. Her program consists of 26 potentially life-saving decisions that every woman must make, including:
DECIDE TO BELIEVE IN YOUR FIGHT - Battles are waged from the inside out. Your conscience, intelligence, and guts must be committed to the cause. You and those you love are the things worth fighting for.
DECIDE TO DEVISE A STRATEGY - Create a one-way ticket out of every imaginable circumstance, from back-door escape routes to getaways in public places. Think "what-if...?", plan for the unexpected, and be ready for anything!
DECIDE TO RECOGNIZE THE THREAT OF THE INITIAL ATTACK - When practicing awareness, you can detect danger before it happens. The bad guy will take steps to get close to you. Watch carefully and identify these for what they are--the preludes to an attack.
DECIDE TO MOVE - If an attacker strikes, don't freeze--get moving! Break through your fear with instant mobility. You have limitless options and any movement works as long as it leads to your safety.
DECIDE TO ACT ON YOUR INSTINCTS - Your intuition is your guide, but you must respond physically in order to be successful. When something isn't right, take action, change plans, redirect yourself, and control your destiny!
...along with Defense Do's And Don'ts, inspiring "Power Points," and other survival tactics that can help you to be prepared, stay strong, and

A girls guide to Self Defense: Easy self defense techniques to prevent Sexual assault by Paul Gillel (Autor) :
This book is designed to give the reader some knowledge and confidence for when the invasion/attack occurs. It also shows that a lack of physical strength need not be the deciding factor.

Girl Power Self Defense for Teens by S. Konzak (Autor), M. Konzak (Autor) ;
Every girl has the right to defend herself!

Self-Defense and Assault Prevention for Girls and Women by Bruce Tegner (Autor):
Explains assertive attitudes and procedures that minimize the risk of assault and presents twelve basic self-defense actions used in a variety of situations.

Reckoning: The Epic Battle Against Sexual Abuse and Harassment by Linda Hirshman (Autor) :
The first history—incisive, witty, fascinating—of the fight against sexual harassment, from the author of the New York Times bestseller Sisters in Law

Linda Hirshman, acclaimed historian of social movements, delivers the sweeping story of the struggle leading up to #MeToo and beyond: from the first tales of workplace harassment percolating to the surface in the 1970s, to the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal—when liberal women largely forgave Clinton, giving men a free pass for two decades. Many liberals even resisted the movement to end rape on campus.

And yet, legal, political, and cultural efforts, often spearheaded by women of color, were quietly paving the way for the takedown of abusers and harassers. Reckoning delivers the stirring tale of a movement catching fire as pioneering women in the media exposed the Harvey Weinsteins of the world, women flooded the political landscape, and the walls of male privilege finally began to crack. This is revelatory, essential social history.

Staying in the Game: The Playbook for Beating Workplace Sexual Harassment by Adrienne Lawrence (Autor) :
A practical guide to shutting down workplace sexual harassment so it doesn't derail your career or your life, from the first on-air personality to sue ESPN for sexual harassment.

Even in the #MeToo era, studies show that women in the workforce continue to harbor misconceptions about sexual harassment and are unprepared to respond if it happens. Lawyer and former ESPN anchor Adrienne Lawrence has learned to advocate for herself and other women. In this book, she offers much-needed insight on topics such as:
• Identifying the five types of harassers and the five types of coworkers who enable them
• Researching company culture and history to identify sexual harassment hotbeds
• Properly documenting inappropriate behavior
• Preparing for retaliation and mental health hurdles such as anxiety and depression
• Managing public exposure and figuring out when to leverage the power of the media and/or lawyer up
This essential guide helps women navigate the complicated realities of sexual harassment and teaches them how to be their own best advocates in toxic work environments.

STALKING THE STALKER: Fighting Back with High-tech Gadgets and Low-tech Know-how by Diane Glass (Autor) :
You're only a victim if you act like one.More than one million people are stalked every year in the United States. Spyware, computer software and online databases give stalkers easy access to your online accounts, daily habits and personal communications. Despite this terrifying reality, there is good news: the technology that stalkers exploit can be used against them. Stalking the Stalker empowers you to take charge. You'll learn:What tricks stalkers useWhich tools warn you when a stalker is nearHow to protect yourself with low-cost, high-tech spywareHow you can shield your computer from invasionHow to protect your home from a break-inHow to prepare yourself before you walk into a courtroom How to outsmart a stalker Stalking the Stalker provides you with the high-tech know-how and low-tech advice you need to protect your privacy, your home and yourself.

Fighting For Her Life: What to do when someone you know is being abused by David L. Williams (Autor):
“Why would a woman stay with an abusive man?”
You could as easily ask, “Why does a soldier run in panic as the enemy charges?” The response is that human beings don’t always live up to the ideal of the simple question or easy answer. Most of us see ourselves as the hero in any given story, which makes it more difficult to watch a friend or loved one making decisions based in fear and secrecy. The truth is that leaving an abusive partner is hard and dangerous, and tough words from well-meaning family, colleagues, or friends, such as “I’d never let a man put his hands on me,” are little more than bluster if not supported by action and deed. Brave words merely spoken mean next to nothing; courage actually lived is the stuff of legend.

In this book you will read of failures and why, of successes and why.

The theme of this book is hope . . . and taking those first terrifying steps to live life safely. This is where you come in because taking decisive action to escape enforced bondage has always been best
accomplished with help. Getting involved means placing less emphasis on “Why would she stay
with someone who abuses her?” and more energy into the question “What are WE going to do to make sure this never happens again?” The answer involves courage, commitment . . . and you. If you’ve ever uttered phrases, such as “I’d do anything to help” or “that man better never lay a hand on you,” I’m offering a challenge to turn your words into courageous action that will make
a difference in a way mere words can never do alone.

This book is written for the sisters, brothers, daughters, and parents of intimate partner violence victims; the co-workers and supervisors, hair stylists, physicians, fellow PTA members, and dental hygienists who might just spot telltale clues of secret injuries or spirits being crushed; and maybe at some point this book could be for the victims themselves when they finally get to a place in their lives where reading a self-help book isn’t a cruel irony anymore.

Consider this a call to arms that we take on this monster as an educated, determined group that won’t rest until every man, woman, and child can live in their own home in safety and surrounded by love. The strategy is to form a shield wall to protect them, and then we fill those solid walls with
patience and persistence, information and empathy, love and forgiveness. We make sure they have access to any services they might need, including legal advice, transportation assistance, job-hunting skills, safe living accommodations, medical and mental healthcare, education, and
child support. And certainly, that shield wall includes my brethren, the good men and women serving in law enforcement across the country, who have a sworn duty to protect them from harm.

It begins with us. It begins today.

Nobody's Victim: Fighting Psychos, Stalkers, Pervs and Trolls by Carrie Goldberg (Autor),:
'A rallying cry for privacy justice . . . chilling . . . take-no-prisoners and warmly gregarious' New York Times

'We need more warriors like Carrie' Tarana Burke, founder of the MeToo movement

'In the age of doxxing, revenge porn, and misogynist trolls, this book is required reading. . . . In telling these wrenching stories, Goldberg gives voice to the legions who have experienced unthinkable violence' Esquire, Best Books of Summer 2019

Nobody's Victim is an unflinching look at a hidden world most people don't know exists-one of stalking, blackmail, and sexual violence, online and off-and the incredible story of how one lawyer, determined to fight back, turned her own hell into a revolution.

Nobody's Victim invites readers to join Carrie Goldberg on the front lines of the war against sexual violence and privacy violations as her law firm sues the hell out of tech companies, schools, and sexual predators. Her battleground is the courtroom; her crusade is to transform clients from victims into warriors.

In gripping detail, Carrie shares the diabolical ways her clients are attacked and how she, through her unique combination of relentless advocacy, badass risk-taking, and unique client-empowerment, pursues justice for them all. There is the ex-boyfriend who made fake bomb threats in a client's name, causing a national panic; the girl who was sexually assaulted on school grounds and then suspended when she reported the attack; and the guy who used a dating app to send more than 1,200 men to his ex's home and office for sex. Carrie also shares her own shattering story about why she began her work and became the lawyer she needed.

Riveting and essential, Nobody's Victim is a bold and timely analysis of victim protection in the era of the Internet. This book is an urgent warning of a coming crisis, a predictor of imminent danger, and a weapon to take back control and protect ourselves-both online and off.

*Perfect for fans of She Said by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, The Whisper Network by Chandler Baker and The Good Fight*

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Emilyn Anderson
1 year ago
I’m signing because as someone who also experienced sexual abuse by men who were in positions of power and should have behaved honorably and not abused their positions of power and betrayed my trust. This is very much a murder to the survivors soul. There needs to be accountability and consequences for such gross disgusting misuse of a position of power and moral authority.

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Lorrie O.
1 year ago
Beyond wrong, wrong, evil, evil (business mindmatter- wrong wrong, evil, evil - business mindmatter), and beyond reward and punishment...the Truth Good. The 1st Jewel, the Supreme Truth Supreme Good Love feel: the neither forced conception sex business, Supreme Truth nor rape sex business, Supreme Good neither adoption sex business, Supreme Good nor abortion sex business, Supreme Truth Supreme Good Love feel. The 2nd Jewel, the Dharma, the Supreme Truth Supreme Good: Labor do, Life do, Peace do. The Peace do: the Supreme Truth neither forced conception pro choice-ist movement war P.A.T.H. business; Supreme Truth nor rape capitalist movement war P.A.T.H. business, Supreme Good neither adoption cOMmunist revolution war P.A.T.H. business, Supreme Good nor abortion feminist war P.A.T.H. business, Supreme Truth Supreme Good Peace do. The 3rd Jewel, the Sangha, the Supreme Truth Supreme Good: Meditate know, Wealth know.

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tim engberts
1 year ago
angel care

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Lily Brown
1 year ago
I am a strong advocate against sexual predation in any way. It’s not okay.

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Ilona Fleischer
1 year ago
I was raised in the reform movement and I was appalled to learn how they deal with claims of sexual assault and abuse against rabbis. The current policies enable sexual predators, like the one who abused Sarah, to remain in positions of power and influence, which they can use to continue targeting people. This is unacceptable and needs to change.