Restructure Consequences: Spreading Awareness

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Dear fellow Celts,

We, as the University of St. Thomas in Houston, entered the university with the four fundamental values of goodness, discipline, knowledge, and community that unite us as an institution. Our university has proposed changes be made in a manner intended to limit the inconvenience of students and enhance the Celt experience, both of which are not being fulfilled. This includes the lack of contract renewal of many professors. While actions must be taken to resolve the financial issues compounded over several years, compromising the position of these mentors who lead by goodness of service, who guide by discipline of instruction, who educate by Catholic morals and reason of knowledge, and who unify us by creating a sense of community, negates the sole purpose of why we came here. By issuing this leave of absence, the university undermines the values for which it was founded. As students, we uphold the right to reject due to the tremendous contributions these people have made, not only in shaping us but in attracting future students to the university. Department-wide cuts have been enacted that include:

Dr. Nam (Biology), Dr. Raj (Biology), Dr. Dolino (Chemistry), Dr. Lefeldt (Biology), Dr. Stewart (Art History), and more of who we may not be aware of.

These are scheduled to take effect by May 2020.

If you feel impacted or would like to voice your concern, please join us to raise awareness in keeping these professors.

You may send us letters, videos, photos, or any record of how these people shaped who you are today by sending us a message to our email or Instagram/Facebook:

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