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Stop our Principal from kicking Caitlin out of the CB South Marching Band

Caitlin Rossiter, an 8th grader who will attend CB South, is a member of the Central Bucks South Marching Titans.

Caitlin filled a hole in our show at the beginning of the season, 2 weeks after the season had already started and the rest of the band had learned everything. Caitlin selflessly put countless hours upon hours into learning an entirely new instrument, memorizing 9 minutes of music, learning all the band basics, and learning 67 spots on the field just to fill a crucial hole in our show.

HOWEVER, the South principal has received word that Caitlin is in band. 8th graders have never joined the band before, although the competition circuit that our band is in allows 8th graders to participate. Despite this fact, the principal has forced our director to kick Caitlin out after the next performance, leaving an empty hole in our show.

According to the principal, there is technically no rule or policy stating that she can't join the band; it's just a "philosophy."

Caitlin is a lovable, hardworking member of our band, and it would be an incredible loss to our show AND our band family if she had to go.

Sign this petition and show your support for Caitlin, and do what ever you can to tell Central Bucks South that Caitlin should stay!

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  • The CB South High School Principal
    Keep Caitlin Rossiter a Part of the Central Bucks South Marching Band!

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