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We Will Vote for Representatives Who Support Our Schools!


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Excellent schools provide the foundation for healthy and successful communities. Families seek to purchase homes in areas that maintain high-performing schools. Property values remain secure and local businesses thrive as those families purchase their homes and support the local economy. Tax revenues increase and local essential service providers are fully funded. The community at large benefits and the positive cycle continues. The Carroll County Public Schools provide an excellent education for our children; but just as the pressure mounts to comply with unfunded state and federal mandates, some of the candidates for County Commissioner will seek to under fund our school system, once again. Though faced with a steady increase in costs, Superintendent Guthrie and his staff have managed to cut their budgets by tens of millions of dollars over the past several years. At present, there is nothing left to cut that won't directly impact the education of our children. Currently on the chopping block are essential classroom staff and "Outdoor School", along with several other positions. It is time to tell our candidates for County Commissioner that their constituents: parents, property owners, empty nesters, business owners, tax payers and voters, want our school system to be fully funded and supported. Superintendent Guthrie and his staff have done their due diligence to propose conservative budgets that keep our schools on the path of high standards and measurable success. Our candidates for County Commissioner must fully support Superintendent Guthrie's proposed budgets; anything less is unacceptable.

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