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For thousands of years, harp seals have migrated from Greenland down the coast of Canada, stopping each spring to give birth on the ice floes. Every year, a band of fishers descends on the ice to beat hundreds of thousands of seals to death and sell the animals' pelts on the international fur market. Sealers routinely hook baby seals in the eye, cheek, or mouth and drag them across the ice, often while the animals are still conscious. Many of the seals killed in the massacre are only a few weeks old.

Baby seals stand no chance against club-wielding seal hunters—pups must look on as fellow seals are bludgeoned to death only to then meet the same bloody fate. The commercial seal slaughter is an off-season profit venture for the fishing industry, and it accounts for less than 1 percent of Newfoundland's economy. The seal slaughter is not a subsistence activity for native peoples—Inuit sealing accounts for only about 3 percent of the annual slaughter.

The price of seal fur is plummeting as international outrage against the seal slaughter rises. The U.S. and the European Union have banned seal products, and world leaders such as President Barack Obama and His Holiness The Dalai Lama have denounced the massacre.

The annual seal slaughter will continue unless people like you speak out and take action to stop it, so please add your voice to the global outcry against Canada's shameful seal massacre. Please write to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and Canadian ambassadors around the world to demand that they bring the massacre to an immediate end.

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Letter to
Office of the Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Minister of Revenue Gail Shea
Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Keith Ashfield
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Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest Stephen Harper
The Canadian Seal Slaughter
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada Stephen Harper
I was shocked to learn that the Canadian government allows hundreds of thousands of seals to be slaughtered in the annual war on seals. These gentle animals are shot or have their skulls smashed in by sealers. Seals are then skinned for their fur, often while they are still conscious.

I am also appalled that the government of Canada continues to allow (and even promote) the killing of hundreds of thousands of harp seal pups and tens of thousands of grey seal pups each year.

This senseless killing is barbaric, and the 2011 quota is outrageous. The images that I have seen sicken me.

What's more, the seal 'hunt' is putting the species in jeopardy.

Seal-watching tours could bring in millions of dollars to the Canadian economy, but I will not visit Canada as long as the seal killing continues.

I urge you to stop the slaughter of seals and instead begin to protect seals and the ocean ecosystems of which they are an important part.