CRTC & The Government of Canada: Shut Down Comwave Networks From Telecommunications.

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Since Late 2005 - Early 2006, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Comwave Networks have been screwing over people and scamming people that have been falling for their false advertisements, for their telecommunications services.

Blog post complaint about Comwave's former VoIP iPhone brand from December 2005 that was sent to me:

In the past, Comwave has been fined a total of two times for breaking The Government of Canada's policies for telecommunications services. The CRTC is also a part of the Canadian government. These two fines is a total of $400,000.

1st fine: $100,000 fine issued by the CRTC back in April 2013 for breaking telemarketing rules. Telemarketers that were hired by Comwave Networks had called people who registered for the Do-Not-Call list regardless...

2nd fine: $300,000 fine issued by the Competition Bureau of Canada back in September 2016 for misleading advertising.

Evidence: Capping Internet Data when being marketed as "Unlimited" with Comwave's "Fair Usage Policy" on their Internet service. Also, capping their "unlimited" VoIP Home Phone service in the past to 3000 minutes, the Home Phone cap has since been lifted, or has it really?


Comwave does not warn people/their customers at all that their "Unlimited Internet" services comes with a fair usage policy, which means that if you use a lot of data, typically over 500GB or 600GB range, Comwave could take action on you. Unlimited Data generally means no data cap whatsoever, however, Comwave can fail at this.

If you look at Comwave's profile on the Better Business Bureau website, you will see a whole bunch of negative complaints being filed against Comwave Networks...

Some past or present people/customers in Canada also have their own frustration and/or hate for Comwave Networks, if you do have one, you can freely voice your opinion.

We the people of Canada, will not put up with this any longer with Comwave Networks... It is time that The CRTC/The Government of Canada did something about this. ��

Extra important note: In December 2016, the CRTC had announced that they will make the Internet in Canada a basic service, meaning that all Canadian ISP's will be ordered to offer Internet plans with a minimum of 50 Mbps download speed, and 10 Mbps upload speed, with unlimited data usage. However, the CRTC has not done anything yet, and/or has not taken action yet on existing customers already registered on ISP's. For example, an existing internet customer could be stuck with an Internet plan way below the minimum speed set by the CRTC, for example, an existing customer that is already registered with an ISP could be stuck with an Internet package with an Internet speed of up to 6 Mbps Download speed, or with up to 15 Mbps Download speed with a locked number of years term, if the customer has a term, that is... This really needs to change as well by the CRTC...

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