Help people with Endometriosis get proper diagnosis and treatment.

Help people with Endometriosis get proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Michelle Aris started this petition to The Canadian Health Care System and

On average it takes 7-12 years
To properly diagnose someone with endometriosis in Canada.
1 in 10 women have Endometriosis.
Endometriosis is a disease where endometrial like tissue is found outside the Uterus. If left untreated it can cause lesions on organs resulting in the loss of these organs, such as ovaries, appendix, and kidneys.
Many who have this disease are suffering from debilitating pelvic pain, irregular periods, bleeding between periods, painful intercourse, bowel issues, urinary pain, back and leg pain and fatigue. 

The disease in some cases prevents people from living a normal and active life.  Waiting 12 years and in some cases over 20 years for a diagnosis nevermind  treatment is not acceptable!

Canada has only 15 Surgeons trained in excision
(the removal of Endometriosis lesions). We need more, the wait lists are far too long.
Many women are opting to pay up to $20,000 to go to the United States to have surgery due to our lengthy process to get a diagnosis and then up to 18 months for surgical treatment.

The problem is most GPs and Gynecologists are not specialized in recognizing the symptoms of Endometriosis
And those that can are still using hormone therapy to treat or diagose Endometriosis.
Improvement or lack of improvement of symptoms using Birthrol pills or injections does not diagnose Endometriosis nor does it cure it. 
In a trial of 71 women placed on CHCs (combined hormonal) for 3 months whom Endometriosis was proved by Laproscopic images
Found 30 % had improvement of symptoms whereas 41%
Had no improvement- sited from the JOCG Volume 32 number 7 July 2010
By the time women go through these various rounds of hormone treatment it can be months or years which delays the diagnosis. It also subjects the patient to many undesirable side effects.
We need the the medical field to stop making recommendations for hysterectomy as a treatment and cure for endometriosis.  There is evidence that even after the uterus is removed the Endometriosis cells can still survive and grow causing pain and damage to tissues and organs.  
We need to stop using Ablasion
As a means of treatment for Endometriosis and take it out of medical journals as a noted option for removal of Endometriosis lesion. This is not effective.
Ablation has resulted in many failed surgeries often causing more scar tissue, and often a return of pain and symptoms
To the patient just 6 months after the procedure resulting in the need for future surgeries and more missed work resulting in lost wages and productivity.
There is a desperate need for
More training in the field of Endometriosis.
There is not enough awareness
Or updated research available to Canadian Family Doctors, Nurses, Gynecologists and Obstetricians.
There is a desperate need for more efficient diagnosis of Endometriosis.
And a huge need for expedited referrals to properly trained Surgeons specializing in the visual appearance and localization of Endometriosis lesions, and implants and whom have the skill to preform Laproscopic exicission of the lesions caused by the disease.
This is considered the Gold standard of treatment and must be made so here in Canada.
As Endometriosis cannot be seen on ultrasound imagining all suspected cases of Endometriosis should have a laproscopic procedure. Far too many women have treatment delayed by decades or are turned away entirely after an ultrasound fails to show Endometriosis.
This can no longer continue to occur in our country.
Please help me
To bring a solution soon
For those suffering
By adding your name and voice
Thanks so much.

The solution starts with education and awareness.
I would like to kindly ask the Canadian Ministry of health and education to fund more reaserch on the cause, ways to identify biomarkers and treatment for Endometriosis.

To develope a program
In collaboration with The Endometriosis network Canada
And other awareness and support groups that help
Bring awareness of the early symptoms of Endometriosis to grade school health programs.
Train all medical staff in the
Symptoms associated with Endometriosis and how to do refferals to expedite the diagnosis
Of Endometriosis.
Have the Journal of Obstricians and Gynocologists write an updated version on Endometriosis.
Support more Canadian Surgeons
In becoming specialized in the diagnosis of and excision of Endometriosis.
Support the existing Gynecologists that are specialized in Endometriosis
They deserve more
Resources to keep doing the great work they are doing to help
Alleviate the pain and suffering
That is often caused by this disease.
Ensure Health Care covers additional treatment needed for Endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain such as: pelvic floor therapy,
Nutritionists to recommend anti-inflammatory diets or other remedies to decrease symptoms and pain just to name a few.

Personal story
Michelle Aris is a graduate of the community rehabilitation program from Mount Royal University in Calgary Alberta as well an established Landscape Designer
Using her talents to help make Gardens more accessible and affordable for all
With her many passion projects.
Michelle had her first symptoms of Endometriosis at age 13 but was not diagnosed with endometriosis until nearly 21 years later in 2013 after having a laparoscopic procedure to diagnose the years of constant pelvic pain, ovarian pain, bowel pain, irregular periods, back pain and what felt to be siatic leg pain as well as many other symptoms that often would leave her bedridden for days.
Michelle wants to bring awareness about Endometriosis
And positive change in Canada and around the world.
Thanks for taking the time to read this petition and add your name to help thousands of people suffering with Endometriosis obtain proper diagnosis and treatment.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!