Culprit against humanity should be banned from Canada!

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Culprit against humanity should be banned from Canada! 

All past and present leaders of the Islamic Regime of Iran who were involved in suppression and state terrorism must be expelled from Canada and banned from entering Canada.  They are well known for their heinous crime against humanity in Iran and abroad. They should be tried in an International Court.

The government of Canada failed to respect the international laws and practice due to its political and economic interest. Allowing Abdolkarim Soroush who was a leading member of the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council in Iran during 1980- 1983 to enter Canada and have meeting to propagate his political and Islamic views, is a clear example of such a compromise.

Abdolkarim Soroush was invited by the Sohrevardi Foundation on March 23rd, 24th and 28th of 2018 to have, speak in Toronto. Soroush is well known for his direct involvement to crush down student movement after 1970 revolution in Iran. As a result of his direct involvement in the Islamic Cultural Revolution Council, over 70,000 students, teachers and lecturers were dismissed from universities, thousands of them beaten and killed or jailed by the Islamic thugs.
Soroush was exposed by the opposition resisters and survivors of the Cultural Revolution at the meetings organized by Shravardi Foundation; As result his last meeting being held at an unknown location, took place in hidden. However, the whereabouts of this meeting was revealed to the resisters. The result was that Soroush’s thugs, his gangsters attacked the survivors and injured three people, one of which ended in the emergency ward of the hospital.

The International Campaign to Close down Iranian Embassies expects the Canadian government to respect international laws and ban all oppressors and culprit tormenters against humanity, among them Abdolkarim Soroush.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Canadian government to expel Abdolkarim Soroush and ban him as well as all past and recent leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran from Canada.