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Bring back the death penalty

To contact the Prime Minister himself regarding reinstating the Death Penalty, please visit this link: 

In the wake of the recent tragedy of the death of 32-year-old Ancaster father and husband, Timothy Bosma, many Canadians are calling for the death penalty. Since its abolishment in 1978, criminals have been able to rape, murder, steal, and perform other HORRIFIC crimes, thus ending up inside a lavish jail cell with clothing, food, and an education, and in many instances, they are let off early and released.

Canadians are tired of their tax dollars going towards supporting criminals to live, when they have done nothing more than destroy lives or end lives. Canadiand everyone believe their tax dollars would be better spent elsewhere.

By reinstating the death penalty, it is our belief that rapes, abductions, and murders would decline. By reinstating the death penalty, it would free up space in crowded jails, and families who have lost loved ones because of senseless murders might have some closure.

Criminals who take the lives of others DO NOT deserve to live. They do not deserve our tax dollars. Bring back the death penalty in Canada.


***I am currently working on locating the email address of the Prime Minister. Please contact me if you know this information. Thank you.

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