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Address mistreatment of dogs on Canadian First Nations Reservations

Animal treatment on First Nations Reservations in Canada is horrible. Many dogs are homeless, sick, injured, abused and neglected. They almost all roam free and there are no regulations on how many pets each person can have and whether the animals need to be spayed or neutered. The dogs constantly reproduce and their puppies often remain homeless and sometimes contract horrible diseases that claim their lives without ever getting access to a veterinarian. Many reserves have "kill-days" where the dogs running loose are shot and killed. I feel the government should not only start a spay and neuter program but also put in place regulations on how many animals a person can own and require them to be fixed. Education is also vital to ending this never-ending cycle. If we can teach the children on the reserves the proper treatment of animals and why it is important, they can make a difference as well. Finally, harsher punishments for the abuse and killings of animals is necessary.The amount of animals dying everyday due to the conditions on reservations is unnecessary and extremely sad. Please sign my petition and help me make a change for these innocent animals!

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