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Stop shale gas fracking

Fracking is destroying the health and quality of life for many Canadians. They use over 3.5 million litres of fresh water per well and turn it into a toxic soup of salt, heavy metal and radiation. The water is permanently removed from the water table as its so polluted it can't be recycled, then pumped deep underground as a way of disposal. This type of disposal has been linked to earth quake tremors in northern BC that lasted for days. The fracking also forces methane gas through vertical fractures into fresh water wells used in people's homes. These contaminated wells supply drinking water that can now be set alight. Have you ever seen someone light their drinking water on fire? Another problem with these wells is the flaring. In both Alberta and BC the wells are allowed to flare for days and sometimes weeks sending toxic chemicals and cancer causing agents into the air. We need to stop this now before its too late. Lets take a stand!

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