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Stop the Late Night Illegal Harassment of the Casa Beach / Children's Pool Harbor Seal Rookery

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After a decade of constant abuse by the public through a misguided  "2004 Open Beach Policy" enacted by the City of San Diego at this federally recognized Harbor Seal Rookery/ Haul Out to allow the public to use the beach with the Harbor Seals while in their Nursery, countless neonate Harbor Seal puppies have either died or were abandoned during the mayhem that followed.  In 2014, the California Coastal Commission finally voted to close the Casa Beach / Children's Pool Harbor Seal Rookery during the annual Pupping Season from Dec/15-May/15 every year, hoping to protect these animals while they are in their most vulnerable state.

Since the closing of the Casa Beach Harbor Seal Rookery to the public, noticeable late night activities such as the nightly appearance of multiple shoe prints, running shoe prints, egging's, balls of various shapes and sizes, the sudden appearance of mislaid construction equipment, and a blood trial commencing from inside the closure area have appeared on this beach almost every night, now contributing to the death or abandonment of more than 1/3 of the puppies born annually.  In the Pupping Season of 2014-2015, 26 puppies either died or were abandoned out of the 62 known births. 

Presently during the 2015-2016 Pupping Season, 17 known neonate puppies have already died out of the 60+ known births, while 13 have been abandoned.  Several newborns in tentative relationships with their mothers due to the highly emaciated condition of the mothers and an inability to supply milk, probably died.  The lack of land rest having contributed greatly to the emaciation and inability to lactate, Harbor Seals have a more varied diet than the Sea Lion and can forage on mollusks and crustaceans, but lose weight when they bottle rest in the Ocean, especially during storm swells when they are afraid to haul out.  Another 4 puppies were abandoned after having bonded fully with their mommies due to the late night stress.  In these unusual cases the mommies go out to forage and never come back, leaving the puppies behind to starve. 

Harbor Seals need to spend at least one third of their time resting/ hauling out on land in order to, among other physiological dynamics, properly maintain their body fat.  When a female is pregnant, she needs even more time to rest. Herewith, it is simply not enough that the Beach Closure should apply only to the light of day.   Please assert your influence and demand that the Casa Beach Harbor Seal Rookery receive the night protection that it deserves to protect it's puppies and it's Colony from criminal mayhem.  No one should be allowed to break the law simply because the day has turned into night


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