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Petitioning Commissioner Matthew Linn and 11 others
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Matthew Linn
David Cox
Jerald Bowman
Lyndon B. Johnson
Ken Epperson
Lindora Baker
Michael Thibodeaux
Jim Smith
John Escude
Doug Dominick
Michael Williams
Stephanie Lynch

Keep Caddo's Cash!

Racer Trust sold the old GM plant to Elio Motors. A key provision of selling the plant to Elio was the company's promise to create 1,500 jobs manufacturing its three wheeled concept vehicle in Caddo Parish.

It now appears Elio can not afford to purchase the plant, and the promise of those 1,500 jobs materializing is doubtful.

We are petitioning the Caddo Parish Commission to keep its cash and ask Racer Trust to re-market the property to find a more qualified and financially stable buyer than Elio Motors.


Letter to
Commissioner Matthew Linn
Commissioner David Cox
Commissioner Jerald Bowman
and 9 others
Commissioner Lyndon B. Johnson
Commissioner Ken Epperson
Commissioner Lindora Baker
Commissioner Michael Thibodeaux
Commissioner Jim Smith
Commissioner John Escude
Commissioner Doug Dominick
Commissioner Michael Williams
Commissioner Stephanie Lynch
Keep Caddo's Cash!

I do not support using $7.5 million of hard earned, Caddo Parish taxpayer monies if it will not result in a significant number of good, high paying jobs, as was expected of Elio Motors, the company currently under contract to buy the old GM plant from Racer Trust.

Please ask Racer Trust to re- market the old GM plant to a more qualified and financially stable buyer.

In the meantime, let's keep our hard earned tax dollars under the financial management of the parish.