Revoke Mark Carne's CBE

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In the 2018 Queen's Birthday Honours list, Network Rail Chief Executive Mark Carne was appointed CBE. Coming as it did in the midst of rail disruptions that have become common fare for Network Rail, it is an unfortunate sign of how far removed the committee who approve the list are from the realities of daily life for millions of commuters in the UK.

Awarding this honour is a slap in the face to the millions who are weekly let down by Network Rail, who have been unable to modernise their infrastructure sufficiently to meet demand levels of ten years ago, much less today's demand. The UK and her people deserve better management in development of critical infrastructure than that which is being provided by the current management at Network Rail.

Anybody in the UK who regularly has to commute by rail is painfully aware of the magnitude of the gap between the levels of service currently being provided by Network Rail, and the way things should be. As the man at the head of senior management at Network Rail, Mark Carne holds final responsibility for the success and failures of the organisation.

The Queen’s Birthday Honours List recognises the achievements of a wide range of extraordinary people across the United Kingdom. Awarding such an honour to people who do not deserve to receive it, undervalues the honours awarded to those who do.

It has become clear that Mark Carne will not take the honourable action he should take and turn down his award. Regrettably then we have to petition that his award be revoked - he very simply has not done enough to deserve the award.

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