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Utility customers like farms, wineries, schools, etc. that have multiple electricity meters on their properties are currently prohibited from installing a single renewable energy system to offset the combined electrical loads of their meters. Instead, the utility customer has to install one renewable energy system per meter. This prohibition increases the cost and complexity of installing a renewable energy system. It precludes some customers from installing a renewable energy system.

Letter to
California State Legislature and Governor
California State Senate
I just signed the following petition addressed to: California State Legislature and Governor.

Pass Senate Bill 594

I am pleased to express my support for SB 594. This bill will allow customers with multiple electric meters on their property to receive a more equitable benefit from the State’s net energy metering law. As you are aware, this measure establishes a process by which customers who have multiple meters on their contiguous property may size their renewable energy system to offset their aggregated electric load.

Many customers have multiple electric meters on contiguous property, and therefore could stand to benefit from this measure. Under current net energy metering law, the ability to size a renewable energy system is limited to the electrical load at the single interconnected meter. As a result, the corresponding net energy metering benefit is severely limited in applications where customers have multiple electric meters, which is very common in winery, vineyard, agricultural, and school settings. This frustrates their ability to benefit appropriately from the net-energy metering program. Moreover, this limitation serves as an impediment to achieving the State’s ambitious goals for renewable energy, as well as achieving its greenhouse gas reduction and zero-net energy building policies.

By creating a pathway for these customers to employ renewable energy systems that are sized to actual electrical load, rather than being limited by the load at the interconnected meter, SB 594 will assist their efforts to become more sustainable.

For the above reasons, I am pleased to support SB 594. If you have any questions with regard to my position on this measure, please do not hesitate to contact me.