Save Skull Valley, Stop the Mine

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I am trying to protect the health and safety of a unique, riparian area in Northern Arizona by preventing the Bureau of Land Management from allowing the Kirkland Mining Company to mine the beautiful volcanic tuff stone that fills our landscape.

This public land is closely bordered by neighborhoods, used by hikers, bikers, and horseback riders and home to 12 sensitive species and 6 historic cultural sites. Beside the depletion of the local aquifer and the health risks presented by dust from the mine, there is an increased fire risk, and the addition of noise pollution to a pristine area used for respite.

The mine's own study predicts an 85% increase in truck traffic going north and a 123% increase going south, sending trucks filled with dust and gravel through neighborhoods, past schools and by the Granite Mountain Hot Shots Memorial State Park.

Save lives, save Skull Valley and stop the mine. July 7th-Sept.4th email Shelby Cave at This is the last public comment period before the BLM makes its choice. Let your voice be heard!