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Have the Buncombe County Schoolboard Review the Cold Weather Cancellation Policy

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While it may be warm enough in school buildings to have classes, the recent frigid weather puts children at risk when waiting for the bus. No child should have to stand in sub-freezing temperatures for longer than a minute, if even that. Some children's buses arrive at the end of their neighborhoods, and if their parents are at work and unable to keep them in a warm car or house, they can stand out in the cold for up to 30 minutes. A junior at North Buncombe High, Matthew Daggerhart, is one of these students. Upon asking him about his experience this week, he told me that he is unable to wait inside due to the bus arriving at a different time each day and he is unable to see it from his house. Yesterday, he stood in the cold for around 30 minutes. The Buncombe County School Board needs to realize that they are putting children at risk of getting sick and/or frostbitten by forcing some of them to stand in the cold to get to school. If the weather is below 20 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit or the wind makes it feel below that threshold, Buncombe County Schools should be put on a two hour delay. From 10 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, BCS should enact a three hour delay. 5 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit should be a cancellation. Instead of making up cancellations on later dates due to cold weather, thanks to the introduction of one to one devices and schools providing internet for children without, teachers could work from home and allow the students to have a virtual check-in the same as our online classes. This solves one of the biggest issues involving cancellations. It is completely unacceptable for a child of any age to wait for the bus in this weather. While not all students are affected by this, would you want it to be you or your child standing out in this weather for 10 minutes or more? 

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