Let students keep their school computers over the summer.

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On May 24, 2018, The Bromfield School informed students that MacBooks will be collected for the summer. However, several students have raised concerns, objecting that their MacBooks are essential for being able to:

  • Research colleges
  • Apply to college
  • Use in summer jobs that require a computer
  • Apply for summer jobs
  • Complete summer AP work
  • Complete summer assignments such as summer reading or writing essays
  • Access online textbooks and purchase physical ones
  • Communicate with teachers and other students
  • Practice foreign language skills students may not be able to practice otherwise
  • And complete other essential tasks

Taking the MacBooks back over the summer is counterproductive to the original reason why the MacBooks were given. Instead of just asking students to bring their own computers to school, it was assumed that not every student would have a personal computer, so the school purchased them instead and provided them out on loan.

Unfortunately, school work doesn’t end with the last day of school and students do more on their computers over the summer than play games. Without the MacBooks, students are about to be faced with either a hefty financial burden or a panicked scramble to find another way to get the mandated work done, given that students were led to believe that they would get to keep these school-assigned laptops over the summer. This is compounded by many students coming to rely on their MacBooks during the school year while their personal computers broke and were not replaced, resulting in many having no backup for the summer.

Taking these devices away conflicts with the principle of providing Bromfield students with equal opportunity and access to technology.

If you could add specifically why you're signing (why you need your computer) in the comments that would be great!

- Kate, MJ, Kira, Felicia