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Stop the violence Against Ethiopians In Saudi Arabia

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A petition pertaining to  Ethiopian Justice in Saudi Arabia. A petition regarding the actual manslaughter happening in Saudi Arabia to the Ethiopian citizens. They are being maltreated, persecuted, raped, beaten to death, beheaded and killed on the streets of Saudi Arabia with no media to cover the story and reveal the abhorrence happening in the country.   For days now, Ethiopian men and women, enraged, splashed their thoughts out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are trying to enforce a new campaign "Stop Violence Against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia."    Unfortunately, even though hundreds of letters were sent by the citizens to the government, none received a reply. We have been trying to get the attention of the press over the past few days, in vain. The major principles by which this country operates are not being respected and the Human Rights are not interfering. Our own Ethiopian government did not utter a word and the torture and brutality goes on.   Initially, the Saudi Arabia's population wanted to let go of all Ethiopian workers in order to give those jobs to their own people. But, it has turned into a daily slaughter and the concept of humanity seemed to have vanished. How can we get in contact with the media when they do not respond to our letters? We absolutely need advice and media to cover this story. There are already 50 deaths and more than 15 000 of them are in prison. Men get beaten down whilst women get raped. This has to stop now.   Dozens of petitions are circulating on Facebook, with some signed by more than 16 000 citizens from around the world. This needs to be considered.    There is evidence. Youtube videos have been circulating and the faces are traceable.    Central to the idea of protection are your emblems, the red cross, the red crescent and the red crystal.  They are symbols of the protection to be granted to medical and religious personnel, medical units and means of transport during armed conflict.
  We need your help. Every state in America and other countries such as Paris, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Sweden and the United Kindom will fundraise enough money in order  to get them out of the country. But unfortunately, their passports and personal belongings remains with the people who they lived with. Consequently, we cannot simply bring them back home, we need the Red Cross to help us.  We need you to hold us a private account where we could send the money internationally. And with that, perhaps you and other organisations could make sure they go back home safely or live in adequate accommodation.






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