Stop the expansion of ULEZ and using the environment as a disguise to charge motorists.

Stop the expansion of ULEZ and using the environment as a disguise to charge motorists.

2 June 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by M. H.

Under the disguise of a so called “green future” Sadiq Khan has racked up driving costs for millions of Brits and made owning a vehicle almost impossible. First it was only  the congestion charge in the heart of beautiful central London, that’s gone up from £8 to £12.50+ a day, then the introduction of the supposed LEZ with prices as high as £200+ a day for lorries and buses, then the ULEZ another £12+ a day in London and now then the extension of the ULEZ zone into the North & South circulair roads from October 2021. Please note that vehicles that are two or three year old also have to pay this extra charge!


Not only is this a hidden tax making billions of £’s a year which I’m sure Mr Khan gets a commission out of, but motorists are attacked & forced to abandon their freedom of movement and get rid of their vehicles to meet the so called “emission threshold”. People are then forced to get a loan to buy a new vehicle as most can’t afford one.


Poorer families who traditionally rely on their cars are forced to abandon their vehicles  or face a £12.50+ daily charge to drive to work, do their grocery shopping, pick up their kids from school or simply use the car for pleasure. It’s either get rid of your car, lose all of your freedom and use public transport or pay up! Mr Khan knows how important a car is to people so he targets just that. London buses with 8/9 litre Diesel engines and London  taxi/cabs with a 2.5 litre Diesel engine are ok and free of charge in London, but your car with a 1.2, 1.6 or 1.9 Diesel engine which is only a couple years old and with all modern cleaning technology will be charged.


So let’s summarise this; you’ve got soaring road tax, ever increasing parking permit fees, congestion charge, ULEZ charge (plus the expansion) and LEZ charge to pay under this current so called “green plan” of Kr Khan. What’s next in the works? UULEZ for anything within the M25 motorway?


If we carry on and don’t stand up now to stop this money grab business we will all be bankrupt, totally controlled and loose all our freedom and pleasure of owning and driving a vehicle.


1000’s of people hardly get by to buy food, 1000’s have lost their jobs due to the Covid 19 pandemic,  and Mr Khan pushes his aggressive so called “green” agenda ahead completely disregarding the current economic situation, the middle and poor class families. Mr Khan should pay attention to the knife crime in London, to the roads that are in extremely poor condition and full of potholes, deal with terrorism related issues, help Londoners tackle and conquer the pandemic by providing “relief” programs. Instead of supporting the people that voted him into that office, Mr Khan is pushing ahead with the expansion program using a serious cause such as the environment as a disguise for corporate gains.


What will happen if Mr Khan gets his way:


1- people’s freedom of movement will be taken away.

2- people will be forced to use controlled & tracked public transport so they know each of your move when, where and what time you will arrive at your destination.

3- squeeze millions of Brits out of their hard earned cash by introducing these never ending “green” charges thus leaving   many worse off.

4- people who need a car for work, family or business purposes will be forced to either pay the daily charge or get a loan for a brand new car that “meets the emission” standard.

5- Mr Khan will continue to use the environment as a disguise to invent new methods of ripping motorists off and support the corporate giants behind these schemes.


There are many other ways to improve and sustain the environment. Many cities around the world have put in place different systems such as business delivery days, pedestrian/cyclist only days and to some sort extent vehicle limitations. In London we already have too many systems in place to penalise motorists for just owning a vehicle. It’s time to think away from only making money by using the environment cause and actually really think of something that will help sustain the environment.


Mr Khan doesn’t appear to know of any other form of solution except for charging innocent hard working people more money by rolling out “ green zones”. There are alternative solutions, they’re just being ignored as they don’t bring in as much £’s.


The environment is really important and we should all work together to sustain it for generations to come. Extorting money from London motorists is not going to solve that problem.


I’m not a conservative nor a Labour Party supporter, as a matter of fact I don’t vote. I’m a simple working class Londoner who sees people around me struggle on a daily basis. People that certainly cannot afford a new car. Some people, especially the youth use their vehicle to for recreational purposes and to be independent. They are forced to abandon the only thing that they’ve got due to this restriction on certain vehicles and expansion of these schemes. I’m personally  forced to sell my car due to this expansion.


Please sing this petition to put a stop to this ULEZ expansion scheme and let the government put other measures in place  to improve and sustain our environment. Penalising people financially is not the only way!

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Signatures: 150Next Goal: 200
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