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Under international law, all stolen goods must be returned to their rightful owners.

To date, the British Museum accepts the fact that these marbles originated in the ancient Greek world (a fact that it publicizes emphatically to all its visitors each year) and that they were removed without the consent of the Hellenes.  It also knows it has no legal receipt for holding these antiquities in its possession.

All petitions to return these marbles have so far fallen on deaf ears. This includes not only the petitions from the citizens of the Hellenic Republic (their rightful owners), but also from the millions of visitors to the Acropolis each year who would like to see this world heritage structure as close to intact as is possible.

British legislation also states that articles of cultural and historical significance cannot be removed from British soil, even if they are sold to private buyers. We saw this recently when the ring of an English writer was stopped from leaving the country even though it had been bought by an American holidaying in England at the time.

Please join our petition to restore the Parthenon and to put a stop to political double standards.



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