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Stop depriving pensioners of their rightful pensions

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Some half a million UK pensioners are denied any annual increase in their pension, based solely on their country of residence.  We are calling on the support of all fair-minded people to get the UK Government to stop this discriminatory practice.
UK pensions are based on contributions.  Every pensioner has paid into the National Insurance Fund under the same set of rules. You might think then that every pensioner should be able to draw their pension from the National Insurance Fund on the same set of rules as everyone else.
Unfortunately, no.  If you live in, or move to certain overseas countries your pension, in real terms, reduces every year.  For example, if you live in the USA your pension increases by indexation every year, just as if you lived in the UK. But  if you live in Canada your pension is "frozen" and you do not get the yearly increases.  If you live in Australia or South Africa your pension is "frozen", but if you live in the Philippines it is indexed every year.
For most Commonwealth countries the UK pension is frozen;  for many non-Commonwealth countries the pension is indexed.
To change those rules would not require an Act of Parliament. The rules appear in annual Regulations, which perpetuate this iniquity. All that is needed is resolve by the UK Parliament to end this discrimination by drawing a line through the offending Regulation.

The UK Government has endeavoured to justify its position by claiming that:

(a) they cannot uprate pensions of people living in countries which do not have a bilateral agreement, and

(b) they cannot afford to pay the increase and it would be a burden on taxpayers.

These claims are not true.   

The uprating of the pensions only requires regulation amendment.  Also, pensions are not paid from taxpayers funds. They come from the National Insurance Fund, which is well above the working balance it is expected to maintain.

We hope that with your support by signing this petition, we can get the UK Government to remove this immoral, unjust and indefensible policy and end “The Shame of Frozen British Pensions"

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