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The British Government: Reverse the decision to change the retirement age from 60 to 65/66/67

The change in retirement age will have devastating effect on women who would be due to retire in the next few years.
The extra years we have to wait before we can draw our state pensions can mean that we lose £30,000 + in money, we lose the best years of our life - having worked, brought up children, maybe looked after parents and relatives, just when we thought we could relax and have some time before we get too old to enjoy it our choices have been taken away. There must be many women like me who have no works pension or retirement fund. All I have to rely on is my state pension.
Perhaps the British Government hope we die before we can claim our state pension?
Wherever you are and whoever you are in the world please stand alongside us and help us change this unfair legislation. These changes need to be brought in much more slowly.

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