Remove all the children of Russian oligarchs studying in Britain

Remove all the children of Russian oligarchs studying in Britain

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Started by John Read

Vladimir Putin, the tyrant who presides over the corrupt gangster state known as 'Russia', has invaded Ukraine, a democratic and peaceful nation.

Putin and all his cronies must be punished and shown that there are very painful consequences for them for their appalling behaviour.  A vast range of international sanctions have already been imposed on Russia. 

However, the Russian oligarchs who have plundered their nation's assets - and made themselves billionaires - overwhelmingly educate their children in Britain.

This must STOP immediately.

While Russia bombs indiscriminately and kills Ukrainian children, it is obscene that the sons and daughters of Russian oligarchs should continue to enjoy the privilege of being educated in Britain's top schools, such as Eton, Harrow and St Paul's, and many others, all over Britain. 

Innocent Ukrainian children are living in constant fear for their lives, and cannot go to any school anymore.

This is a morally indefensible paradox.   

Our government must stop being weak.  We demand that the British government kicks out the pampered offspring of the Putin-supporting oligarchs and sends them back to Russia - a country where human rights are regularly violated, which is a mafia-style state, and is run by the psychologically deranged bully, 'Putin the Pathetic'.







13 have signed. Let’s get to 25!